Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tractors and guitars...

Tractors and guitars
And old metal trucks
Antlers on a beam
And an old Singer sewing machine
Rusty wire, held up by a nail
Sections and sickles
And an old milk pail
Baking tins, a flour box
A dozen jars (well, one is lost)
Bent tools, broken parts
An Edison type fuse
Fancy plates and silverware
Things not often used
As The light comes over
Like a breaking dawn
Things that pass on a frontier farm
Second hand clothes
An old barn cat
In an old iron pile
Lays a broke pump jack
Cupboards so worn
Their fat at the hinge
A gate so tight
You'll never get in
Water thats hard (they own nothing soft)
They live alone
Far away
Call before you leave
You might get lost
Cupboards so worn
As the light comes over
Like a breaking dawn
Things that pass on a frontier farm
A poem by Jim Gregg
My little brother


  1. Wonderful poem! Love your pictures. The first one my favorite. What a great place.

  2. I love the old farmhouse photo and the Wyeth comment on the sidebar. The Brandywine River Art Museum is about 20 minutes from here, home to many, many Wyeth paintings. Your brother did a nice job on his poem. George

  3. I truly LOVE this poem the first time you sent it to me I read it over and over. Your brother is a very talented poet. B

  4. I LOVE it! It tells so much, so beautifully about the plains. Happy Fall dear friend. XOXO

  5. Oh, I love it!!! Love poetry, especially simple poems that you can understand...not much on those really deep strange poems. Thanks for posting it, my kind of poem!!

  6. Love this poem, and sad to say, this describes our place, too! We have THE hardest water, almost have to chew it, lol.

  7. To a Proud Big sister
    I really enjoyed reading this post what a talented pair you are Lovely photos and a great poem.

  8. This poem gives a very honest description of "real" farm life! Very nice! (and I hope your winter is gentle, if that's possible!)

  9. lovely photo's and such a beautiful poem.

    i really like the first photo, it looks like a special place that could use a lil love!!


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