Monday, November 28, 2011

Very Venison...

Yesterday was a busy day.  On Thanksgiving morning I shot a nice buck.  I love venison.  I let him hang for 3 days and today I went to work.  I ended up with 10 roasts, plenty of jerky meat, and stew meat (which I will can in the pressure cooker later).  This year I tried something different.  I pre-made Swedish meatballs and breakfast sausage.  I used a Swedish Meatball Mix from Tempo, Western legends Breakfast Sausage Seasoning, and a breakfast sausage recipe from the Internet.

I used a wide mouth canning ring to form the sausage patties and an ice cream scoop to form the meatballs.  I can't say enough how much I appreciate the meat grinder my parents got me for Christmas a few years back.  Once the patties and meatballs freeze, I'll put them in bags for easy access. 

I had lots of visitors yesterday while I was in the kitchen.  The birds on the feeder, the turkeys underneath, and if you look hard to the left of the turkey you will see the deer eating the pumpkins out of the compost pile.

I will leave you with a recipe for the perfect deer roast.  Compliments of my husband. 

Kelly's Perfect Venison Roast
1 Venison Roast
Inject with a garlic herb butter marinade

Heat grill to 375 degrees
Sear each side for 5 minutes
Put to the side of the grill so it isn't on direct heat for 15 minutes, flip halfway through.
Let stand for a few minutes and slice into medallions.

They will melt in your mouth.  It is my favorite meal. 

I know some people don't approve of hunting and I'm sorry if I offend.  Still part of being self sufficient is being able to provide food for your family.  Since our location makes it hard to raise my meat, hunting will have to do. 


  1. BBB, don't you apologize for hunting. It's the most sustainable way to gather meat. Honestly, I wish I had the skill to butcher meat. I grew up shooting black powder (yah..I know, weird) and went hunting with my dad. We just always took our deer to the butchers. There is a lot of chatter in blogosphere about learning to be self sufficient. You are on it!

  2. Thanks for the idea about making meatballs with an ice cream scoop.

  3. Congrats on your buck!
    I'm glad to see someone so appreciative of their kill rather then just for sport.
    Looks like you will have plenty of meat for the winter.
    Great pictures! you have a good eye to spot those deer!

  4. I just found your blog and love it. I would love to live where I see wild turkey and other wildlife up close.

  5. Well if it was not for hunting I would not be here. That is all we had to eat when I was a kid. I just watched a mother of two get all excited last week as she had shot her first big buck. This Mom is a single Mom living very rural, supporting her two little kids working 8 hours a day shingling roofs and putting siding on, yes it is cold here, struggling to feed her tow kids. I am very happy people can hunt. I told her she is a great Mom who provided for her kids for the whole winter. What is wrong with that. God probably put that deer there for a reason. B

  6. Congrats on your buck! I am copying Kelly's recipe. Everytime I cook venison, mine seems to be a little tough. Everyone in this house LOVES 'deer jerky'.
    The photos of your visitors are great! It's a good life living in the mountains, isn't it?

  7. Good job on landing yourself a buck!! I'm proud of you! I think it is great that you hunt for food! I have been contemplating learning myself. 10 roasts is all of the meat for the jerky and meatballs and such! That's great! I love your photos...3 different kinds of animals in your yard at one time...I love it!

  8. I don't hunt, I'm a candybutt, but I am proud of the fact that you do. Girl Power! Seriously, that's one of the most sustainable ways to get meat, plus, your meat wasn't pumped full of hormones, antibiotocs, and disease from living in a CAFO. That recipe sounds amazing too. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Kelly, I'm sorry it took me so long to get by to comment on your post. I love this, even though I don't hunt.. I made mention of your post in this weeks Farmgirl Friday blog hop. I am looking for good cook book for Elk and Venison! Any recommendations? Thanks!


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