Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A hummingbird!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was fleeting.  A buzz and a flash of green.  I ran into the cabin yelling to my husband, "It's here!  It's finally here!"  He knew what I meant. The hummingbird is on its way through.  Immediately I was mixing fresh batches of sugar water and cleaning feeders.  The poor snake almost got squished as I ran the to greenhouse to get my hook to hang a feeder on.  It was dark too soon.  Tomorrow morning I will be on the porch, coffee cup in hand, awaiting his return!  

An old photo from July 2006.

In Lead, I consistantly had hummingbirds.  I had a corner on the hummingbird feeding market until AJ moved next door and planted zinnias.  He proved to be tough competition for their affections.  I would sit on the porch with my morning coffee wearing red, so they would buzz me.

Also from July 2006, when hummingbirds were plentiful.

When we built the cabin in the middle of the woods, I had little hope for any humminbirds.  I was wrong.  Starting in May we had at least 4 ruby throated hummingbirds and 1 rufous.  The rufous had a real issue with the red Snapper lawnmower.  He would follow my husband around while Kelly mowed making the craziest squeaking noises I've ever heard. 

My mother-in-law is blessed with
bountiful and consistant hummingbirds. 

I was in heaven for about 5 years.  Every May the ruby throated  hummingbirds would come and stay until August.  Then I was down to about one.  Then one and only in May and August.  The last two years just a glimpse in August. 

I cannot describe the thrill these little buggers give me.  I'm amazed at their speed and bravery.  I've seen hummingbirds dive bomb robins that dared to think they were edible.  I love their curiosity and I cannot believe their anomosity towards each other.

Well, enough about these little speed demons.  I'm eager for tomorrow morning. 

On the elk front:  I've seen two coyotes close up, a cow and calf elk, a bull far far away, and a family of robins that bathe hourly in the water hole I'm sitting on.  I just want to say that sitting still in the woods all day is REALLY HARD. 



  1. My mom has a lot of hummingbirds too. She also has a ton of flowers and a wonderful huge tumpet vine that attracts so many humingbirds. If I ever could get my hubby to let me do some landscaping maybe I could have some flowers to attract some humingbirds!!

  2. Hi dear,

    I know exactly what you mean about the hummingbird visits. What could be more magical? I think our numbers are lower because of the big freeze and die off of thousands of them in Mexico last winter.

    We still have hummers here and keep the feeders well stocked.

    You mentioned on your latest comment on my post that it sounded like our trip was a good one...what trip??? Honestly, that stumped me. Too much fermented hummingbird syrup?



  3. Oh, love the hummingbird photos!! I have a hand blown glass feeder that I just keep forgetting to use! I guess it's too late in the year now, huh? So, you must have lots of time to think whilst you are in the woods all day. It would be great watching the little animals scurry about. Hope you get your elk soon!!!!

  4. Wonderful! We love them too. They are here most of the summer for us, and we have their feeder right outside our kitchen window. We will be refilling it this morning, and it may be for the last time, as soon they will be making their way south.


  5. They are such beautiful, fascinating little birds! I've only seen one in my garden, and that was last year...it caught me by surprise, and I thought it was a large bee at first glance!

  6. i have wasted many hours this summer watching mine!! i will be posting my final photo's on wednesday so i can link with world bird wednesday!!

    your photo's are awesome....i COMPLETELY understand your excitement with these little ones!! i don't think there is a more entertaining, magical bird around!!

  7. I have a couple that come to my fuschia--I'm just so mesmerized by them. It's magical. XOXO

  8. How exciting! They are so much fun to watch, a marvel really! :)

  9. Hummingbirde are a true gift from nature. Today's digital cameras have allowed us to enjoy hummingbirds so much better than we use to. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I love the hummers and you've done a great job of capturing them. They seem to prefer flowers to feeders in my yard!!!


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