Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm still here...

I'm still here.  I have seen elk six of the eight days I have been able to hunt.  I would like to point out that one of the days that I didn't see elk, my husband and I could smell and hear them.  That is how close they were.  To add insult to injury that we hiked back to the jeep only to find tracks 10 feet from it.  Elk have a sense of humor. 

For any of you considering bow hunting elk, I would just like to mention patience is a requirement. Anyway, today was the same as the others.  My impatience caused me to miss another opportunity this morning.  On my way to their wallow this evening I am pleased to find it was all tore up.  If you are not familiar with elk wallows, they are muddy water holes that the elk urinate in and then roll all over.  The goal is eaud de stink.  Bulls hit the wallows on hot afternoons, before an evening of wooing the ladies.   This is a hot evening.  There is hope. 

I get to my hiding spot and sit under the spruce tree pondering my unsuccessful hunt.  Spruce needles fall all around.  Those darn Black Hills pine squirrels are ruthless.  I figure soon he would be hurling pine cones at me.  Back to my thoughts.  I'm hoping that if I don't get an elk at least I have learned the value of patience, after all my birthday is coming up and I'm supposed to be getting wiser. 

More needles fall.  "Don't look up."  I warn myself.  A needle in the eye could mess things up.  A doe comes to the water hole.  I hold my breath.  She drinks, flips her tail and walks off.  All is quiet except the robins in the wallow.  They are splashing like crazy.  Again with the needles. 

Then I hear a grr...  GULP! I look up. 

My pine martin has returned!  In fact he must have been sleeping up in the spruce.  When sleeping beauty woke up and started down the tree ACK.  There was some strange camouflaged thing at the bottom.  Oh my he hissed and ran up and down the tree trying to figure me out.  I forgot all about hunting, grabbed the camera and had so much fun taking his pictures.  He couldn't figure out
what that flash was, what I was, and how he was going to get out of that tree.  He got so close I could have touched him.  Finally, he made a flying leap and headed out.  

What a treat.  I didn't get an elk again tonight, but I do have some wonderful memories of a cute little curious fellow who lives in the woods. 


  1. I was wondering at first how you could smell the elk...and then when you explained about the wallows, I totally understand. STINK!! But what a fun distraction for you to see that critter...great shots!

  2. I've never gone hunting but when I was little I did 'help' my Dad clean rabbits a few times. Recently I made my first trip to Cabela's though and felt like I wanted to do everything lol!

  3. Beautiful photos.... What is that little guy? I've never heard of it. You got some great shots of him.


  4. My gosh girl those are just amazing! i was reading about your elk but then my eye caught the pic and i was just WOW!

    hope you catch some more elk and thank you for showing these pics!


  5. Forgive me...for a second there I didn't realize that the strange camouflaged thing at the bottom of the tree was you! I had to go back and re-read and then I got it! duh! Well, those are some cool shots of the pine martin! I like how you described the pine needles falling and the deer and the just makes me feel like I am there. And...what is up with elk rolling in pee and mud to attract mates...Ugghh!!! Hey, baby, don't I smell fine tonight?! Too funny! Well, I guess it works for them! LOL

  6. I used to hunt with my father when I was younger but now I just shoot the camera at them lol Awesome photos ! Have a wonderful eve.

  7. What great shots! I am glad he didn't decide to play a game of chicken with you.

  8. Wow I have never even seen a martin amazing I know we have them I thought they are vicious you are very brave. B

  9. Hi! I've been away as well. I'm trying really hard to catch up before I post again.

    I heard elk for the first time this year. What a beautiful sound they make.

    Enjoy your time in the bush!


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