Saturday, December 3, 2011

Advent Calendar...

I remember when my sister and I were little, we had an advent calendar.  It was a pre-made one filled with candy.  I still remember the anticipation, even though I knew it would be a chocolate every time. 

Working hard at being the perfect aunt, I decided this was something my nieces needed to experience.  I looked high and low and found the perfect wooden advent calendar at a Cracker Barrel in Kentucky.  My luggage took it pretty hard trying to get it back in one piece.  Every Thanksgiving I drop it off at my sister's.  This year I wasn't able to take it, so I had to wrap the poor thing up and send it off. 

The box has seen its better days and the bell was crushed somewhere along the way.  My sister now has 4 kids and it is getting harder and harder to fit stuff into the little boxes.  Still, you have to love the challenge.  I happily tucked little treasures into every box.  I had to rubber band the doors shut for the trip.  Then I triple wrapped everything. 
The package arrived on November 30th (do I have perfect timing or what?).   My sister said the girls were surprised by the early Christmas present, then they realized what it was Yahoo.  Aunt Bonnie didn't forget.

The little house made it safe and sound.  Filled with goodies and the countdown to Christmas.  Ya gotta love it.  My sister told me the little one caught on real quick to the principle of the calendar and is sharing the excitement of her older sisters.  I got a lovely call from the girls today thanking me for the calendar.  It is true, Christmas is for the children.  I only wish I could be there every day when they open the little doors.  Merry Christmas.

If you can't find one at Cracker Barrel, Our Best Bites had another great idea:



  1. Meg sills gives one of these to her 29 yo daughter. Enjoyed the posting.

  2. Oh that is wonderful ! I remember the calendars ,my mum got them for me when I was a kid and for our kids when they were little as well ! The wood one is wonderful, and hard to find but Papa has a woodworking plan how to make one he just hasnt got to it as he has been busy making other things . Wonderful photos of those cute girls! Have a good evening !

  3. It is good and bad! I have a bribe to get them out of bed on school days. On the weekend I wake up to "can we open a door now!!!". The sun isn't even breaking dawn yet!!! The girls love it thanks so much! Never did notice Cutie and the apple! Quite funny.

  4. Our kids loved advent calendars...we got started with them when my sister brought us and "authentic" German one. They had so much fun opening the candy in this one, but lots of fun anyway!

  5. Good job Aunt Bonnie! I totally forgot that I bought my kids an advent calendar this year. It's still sitting on the shelf. Oops!!

  6. I love advent calendars! So does my teenage daughters! You can never be too old for them. I vow every year I'm going to make a homemade one filled with treats or toys, instead of those cheap chocolate calendars at the stores. I love the one you bought your nieces! They must be thrilled!

  7. What a wonderful thing to do! They will treasure those memories!


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