Thursday, December 29, 2011

Goodbye and thank you 2011! A Warm Welcome to 2012!

Goodbye and thank you 2011.  It was a year punctuated with new challenges and quality time with family and friends.  I'm a firm believer in knowing where you have been before moving forward.  I am looking forward to what 2012 has to offer.  I don't do resolutions, I'm more of a goal setter.  At the end of the year I always review the past year and set future goals. 

Accomplishments in 2011:
-First year with a greenhouse.  Despite rogue pumpkins, I feel it was a success.
-First year blogging.  Met some outstanding new friends and have learned so much from other people's endeavors. 
-Spent some quality time with long-time friends.
-My first vegetable harvest.
-Pushed my camera skills to support blogging habit.
-A very successful berry harvest which went to wine, pies, and jam.
-A semi-successful hunting season.  No elk, but moose and deer meat in the freezer.
-Spent some fun filled and very fulfilling time with my family and Kelly's.

 It wasn't all sunshine and roses, there were a few clouds:
-The loss of my beloved Grandmother.  She was a grand lady and I miss her greatly.
-The lesson that trees and snowmobiles should not meet or broken bones occur.
-Elk are tricky buggers.

My many goals for 2012:
-To have our cabin filled with the laughter of family and friends.
-Fence my orchard so the deer stay out, with the ultimate goal that my berries will flourish and thus so will the wine and jam.
-Small adjustments to the greenhouse, with salsa at the final result.
-To be able to run 10 miles, in one shot, by 2013.
-Celebrate my 40th with gusto and appreciate what I have done and have yet to do.
-Teach Ella to roll over.
-Go snowmobiling with my husband (bravery will be needed for this one).
-Finish my rose garden.
-Build a peony bed with Kelly.
-Fill our little pond with fish.
-Make a quilt.
-Keep in touch with my blogging friends and continue to keep my little world a place where people want to come and sit on the porch and share in my adventures.

Thank you to everyone who has shared in my life.  I have enjoyed the gifts both figuratively and literally that you have given me.  I look forward to our continued journey, but we will always take the time to sit on the porch, drink coffee, watch the birds and bees, while smelling the roses.

Happy New Year 


  1. I love to sit a while on your bloggy porch and to listen to whats happening in your part of the garden and the adventures of Ella.
    Happy healthy New Year and may you enjoy your birthday with gusto.

  2. It looks like you accomplished a lot of things in 2011 that you can be proud of, and I hope you have as much success in 2012! Happy New Year!

    (I just love that first picture...the scenery is gorgeous!)

  3. Sounds great ! Have a Happy New Year to you all !

  4. Those sound like fun goals to meet. Bet you will do it!
    Happy New Year. It's been fun getting to know you in 2011!

  5. Happy New Year! Thank you for all you share here in your beautiful blog! Here's to a wonderful 2012!

  6. Happy New Year to you too! Hope 2012 is a great one! All great goals (except for maybe the snowmobiling one).

  7. I enjoyed reading about your past year! I really love the photo at the top of the post with the horses! Are you in that photo?? I also really love the photo of your grandma...looks like she went to school later in life...that's great!! Here's to a great new year!!! Happy New Year!

  8. I really liked this post. I am sorry about your Gramma I know I miss mine.

    I am certainly happy I met you in bloggerland, you have no idea how many amazing people are out there till you start blogging I have found.
    Those are some nice accomplishments you have had and I look forward to seeing you complete the to do list.
    Happy New Year my friend and thanks for being there. B

  9. Belas fotografias...Espectacular....
    Votos de continuação de Boas Festas....

  10. You are such a girl after my own heart! I love your goals for next year. I am planning a sort of similar year end post, but today, my post is dedicated to giving a 'shout out' to some of my favorite bloggers. You've been selected, do stop by and visit :)

  11. Well done on the award - Jenni's nomination spurred me on to come over to have a peek and I look forward to seeing how things go in 2012, You have squash escaping from your greenhouse in the same way as we have a grapevine - except ours grows out of a window and up a nearby tree!

  12. Happy new year! Thank you for all your comments, I am slow to answer. I read that we are exactly the same age. You have many good goals for 2012, I hope you reach them all and will have a wonderful 2012. /Sophia

  13. Jeg bruger årets første dag med at kigge rundt på de mange fine blog. Jeg kom tilfældig forbi din.
    Smukke billeder.
    Tak for kigget.

    Hermed et forsinket godt nytår til dig og dine.

  14. Some lofty goals for 2012 -- may you accomplish them all!

    Happy and bright new year to you and yours. I've enjoyed our connections in the past year and hope to continue our friendship in 2012. :)

  15. New to your delightful blog.. It looks like you accomplished much this past year and have set some worthwhile goals for the new year..

  16. you had a wonderful year and i am so happy to be following along.

    my grandparents all passed before i was born. i always missed having that influence in my life. you were blessed to have a wonderful woman to miss!! are ambitious!! my 2012 goal, have fun!!

  17. I really enjoy your blog! I think I'd love living in a cabin and doing the things you do, it's so different in many ways from my life in the burbs. I was looking at your Bounty list and am so impressed!
    Happy New Year and I look forward to following your new projects.

  18. It is going to be a busy year for you with all those goals. Best wishes for reaching every goal and having fun in the process. Nancy


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