Saturday, May 12, 2012

All that and a bag of skittles...

My student's use that term a lot.  Usually, when they are describing something great.  Well today I have 3 great things to talk about.

First, Happy Mother's Day.  I thank my Mom for my love of everyday life.  She has always seen the beauty in and appreciates the simple daily things.  She works on a ranch/farm and appreciates the beauty in the everyday struggle.  Because I learned that from her I am happy where I am planted.   

Second, thank you Sharon Lovejoy for the vegetable seeds.  I will plant a few in my greenhouse and the rest I will take to work.  My students and I will plant them in honor of Jenni Lucero.  She was a student (and graduate) of Boxelder Job Corps who made the dream of a greenhouse on center a reality.  She was a huge believer in organic gardening and because of her our students for the past three years have learned where food comes from.  I hope you are reading this Jenni and just so you know Big Green Greenhouse and Garden is a reality thanks to you.

Third, thank you Jenni from and Susan from for the Versatile Blogger Award.  I admire both of these ladies.  Jenni for her go get it done and have a positive attitude while doing way of living.  Susan is somewhere you go if you want a great recipe.  I appreciate such strong and creative women. 

I would like to pass this award on to several blogs that I enjoy and hope you check out. 

Buttons at -  If you want to hear a great story visit this blog.  Buttons sees the adventure in life.  Right now I am engrossed in her train trip across Canada. 

Kim at - I appreciate Kim's bravery in moving from Colorado to Idaho to make a better life for her children.  I enjoy how she is not afraid to try new things, talk about her children, and share a cup of tea.

Out on the Prairie - If you want to go for a walk on the Prairie this is the place to go.  He takes amazing photos.  You can go for a beautiful walk and never leave your couch.

Alica  - She was a born teacher.  I lived on a farm and yet I learn so much from her.  I enjoy learning about the everyday things that go on in a farm and why they are important.

Alison  - She takes me on such wonderful adventures.  Here in the middle of the Midwest, I am limited for gardening expositions.  Alison takes me with her and I get such great ideas. 

Razamataz -  She gives me a different viewpoint of life.  She is bold and creative.  I enjoy her posts and can't wait to see what she enlightens me on. Her life is truly and adventure.

Dar -  This woman can make anything.  I go to this blog whenever I want to learn something that is useful.  She is so talented. 

Miriam I missed your humor and your stories.  I am glad you are back.  She is an amazing person. 

Bonnie -  She is definitely a versatile blogger.  I never know where she will take me.  She is always posting something different be it family, recipes, or just a cool walk somewhere.

Ok, I could keep going, but I have to catch a plane at 6:00am tomorrow (which means I leave home at 4:00am).  I will be back in a week with tales of my adventures in Montana.  I made my husband sign a contract stating that any plants dying in his care will be replaced.  I hope you visit the aforementioned blogs as they are wonderful. 

Mom, Happy Mother's Day and Thank you for everything! 


  1. Thanks for the honor...I'm glad you enjoy hearing ab out life on the farm. I also enjoy hearing about life in your neck of the woods!
    Love it that you made your hubby sign that contract! :) Can't wait to hear your adventures and see some pictures of Montana!

  2. Oh to sit on that porch in the woods and just dream....

    Thank you so much for the kind mention and award.
    Have a great mother's day!

  3. Happy Mother's Day. Wow I cannot believe you are going on a trip to Montana I must admit I am a little jealous. I hope your plants survive.
    Thank you so much for the award and the very kind words, "All that and a bag of skittles" Cool.
    I love your photos and cannot wait to read about Montana.Thank you and I will be checking those other blogs out, some of which I already read. B

  4. Thank you very much!I hope you have a wonderful Mother's day celebration.

  5. Oh, my!! So, here I am, still in my PJs drinking coffee and visiting my blogger friends. And I see this lovely post where you talk about your mum, and I get all teary eyed. I keep on reading and... oh, goodness... I haven't even washed my face yet...and I received an Award??? Ooooohh... this is so sweet of you, girl! Thank you so very much! I missed you too, during all the time I was away.

    I loved the contract you and your husband signed. I should do something similar, when my husband decides to spray "weed killer" - ALL OVER MY FLOWERS!

  6. Thank you for the lovely words, dear friend. Your strength is admirable and encourages me everyday to see the good in what happens. Safe travels to do know you're only a couple of states from my backyard at that point--I have a lovely bedroom with your name on it along with homemade English muffins and jam for breakfast:-D

  7. I loved this post and having new blogs to check out too!

    I hope your day has been an enjoyable one!!

    ♥«´¨`•°..Happy Mother's Day!!°•´¨`»♥

  8. Safe travels Bonnie! Wishing you good adventures! Off to check out these interesting blogs! Cheers, Jenni

  9. Hope you had a great Mother's Day and that you enjoy your trip. What a lovely place! I'd like to head out there and go to Glacier National Park.
    Blessings, Beth

  10. congrats to you....your blog really is versatile. lovely images today!! looking forward to reading about montana!! have fun!!

  11. The porch in your header is the kind that we gardeners dream about sipping ice tea on after a good day of gardening.


    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  12. Happy belated Mother's Day wishes to you. Love the links to the blogs. I will stop by as many as I can today.

    Thank you visiting my garden!


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