Sunday, May 20, 2012

I survived my trip to Montana, but getting there was stressful.  I usually have pretty good luck traveling, but this time it was a comedy of errors.  First, the electricity went off during the night.  Ack.  4:00am was 4:30 and panic.  Please explain how the electricity won't go out during a screaming blizzard on a weekend, but dies on a clear perfect evening when you have to be up early. 

I missed my first flight, but caught the second flight and had time to catch my next plane.  Except for the fog of course.  The plane had trouble landing in Denver.  Now I'm really off my schedule.  Not only that, but a very loud and angry lady kept stomping up and down the Denver airport also trying to catch a flight to Salt Lake.  I couldn't get away from her.  Towards the end she was really huffing and puffing.  I got the latest flight I could to Salt Lake, because I was afraid I'd end up on the same plane with her and she would have heart attack after she was so wound up.

When I got to Salt Lake and sat there for 6 hours waiting for the last flight to Butte.  Little did I know my Aunt was sitting in the same area waiting for a plane to Bend.  Dang.  It would have been nice visiting for a few hours.  Finally, I got to Butte, at 11:30pm.  I find a cab to take me to the hotel.  Problem is the hotel is quite a ways out of town.  Suddenly, he starts getting all of these calls from people wanting a ride.  He gets crabbier and crabbier about missing all of this business.  Then suddenly he pulls over and stops.  I was sure he was going to kick me out.  I guess he was trying to find someone for back up.  Thank goodness.   When I pulled my luggage through the door of the hotel at 12:00am.  I had never been so happy to get somewhere.  I was sure missing my porch.  The rest of the trip was uneventful...  or maybe it was everything else couldn't touch the trip in.
My favorite part of the whole trip was Skyping with my nieces and showing them the planes at the Salt Lake Airport.  All I can say is there is no place like home.  With the exception of showing the girls the airport from my computer, I would have much rather been sitting on the porch drinking my coffee. 


  1. Oh, I've had those travel days too! I know what you mean, though, about Home-Sweet-Home! XOXO

  2. I hate traveling. Especially by plane. You have a lot of sympathy from me. Airports combine all my least favorite things. Crowds of pissed-off people, waiting, dealing with strangers, uncomfortable chairs, planes, food I didn't prepare myself, and did I mention crowds of pissed-off people?

  3. Sounds like an "adventure"...glad you're safely at home, sweet home! Hope that lady at the airport finally calmed down!!

  4. Air travel can be so draining...yours sounds thoroughly exhausting. You will be happy to be home on that porch in your beautiful surroundings.

  5. Wow what a trip, I am glad yo are at home now.
    It has bee a while since I took a plane. I do like it once I am on it it is the getting there.
    I can't believe your power went out.
    I always wonder why things like that happen.
    All of your planting looks great.

  6. Sorry to hear about your difficulties, but glad you made it! Your photos are gorgeous!

  7. Oh, my! What an adventure you had! Poor lady - she probably missed some great sites - people watching for goodness sake - sometimes you can't do anything about the circumstances but make the best of them! I am so glad you visited that I might return the call and now follow!

  8. Oh to bad about the troubles I feel sorry for that panicked woman that kind of attitude never helps.
    I bet you miss you porch with coffee I would miss it too. Sounds like you are a woman who knows how to roll with the punches. Take care B


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