Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Something old is new again, but only for Ella...

Sunday my peaceful puttering was shattered by Ella's frantic barking.  Now those of you who follow know that the first thing running though my mind is LION.  I come full bore armed with a stick to rescue my dog from the jaws of death.  Only problem is...  no lion...
Instead my brave dog was being harassed by...

a bird house...

Yes, I said a bird house.

Not a new birdhouse, mind you.

One that has been on our property for 10 years.

It has been in that spot the whole time.  I guess she never noticed it until today.

Quite the vicious looking birdhouse huh?  Kelly's dad made it for us when we first moved here.  It is out of PVC pipe, a funnel, and topped with a golf ball.  Maybe I'm not using my imagination, but I'm having a hard time seeing the threat. 

I took it down so Ella could get a closer look.  It took her five minutes before she even touched it.  After that, she sheepishly acted like she was clearing it for possible chipmunks.
Guess we are all a little jumpy lately with these lion sightings, but a birdhouse?  I think I need a braver dog.  On a positive note, if she gets this excited about a something so simple there is hope she will actually scare a lion with all of her ruckus.


  1. To funny!! My son loved the pictures of the lion though. Although I don't think he would be so excited if it was in our back yard!

  2. Oh, I am laughing! Brave Ella, saving you from a birdhouse! Sometimes pets do the craziest things.

  3. That is too funny! I have a beautiful, sweet blue pit - who last week had nearly the same reaction to a large bird feather.

    In regards to the lion . . . my daughter and I were once cornered by a coyote walking our three dogs. We had to phone (thank goodness for cell phones) for help. I cannot fathom crossing paths with a lion. However, living in a cabin in the hills of South Dakota sounds like a dream, truly.

    Great blog ~


  4. Sometimes things like this show different with varied growth around

  5. Thanks for the giggle ;-) Dogs are a constant source of entertainment!

  6. Ok, that is so cute! and funny!! That is hilarious that she never spotted it until now...I love it! Seems pets are always amusing us! I'll bet your heart dropped when you thought it could possibly be the mountain lion! goodness!

  7. I guess she is a bit jumpy too. I think I would be with a lion that close. I just think it is so funny when a dog suddenly sees something they haven't seen before. Silly dog, but she is just doing her job. :) She looks like such a nice dog.

  8. I'm glad it wasn't the lion, and that Ella and the birdhouse are both ok! lol

  9. The thought of a mountain lion sounds scary to me. Maybe Ella just wanted the golf ball on top of the bird house so she could play fetch?


  10. Oh, this was funny!!! The two last pictures with Ella checking the "monster" are great!

    And that bird house is also something else. A great job.

  11. Such an interesting anecdote about Ella. My mutt sometimes behave this way too. She won't stop barking until I let her checked it out.

  12. There probably was a pesky chipmunk harassing her, but aren't you lucky to have such a good watch dog, especially if a lion has been sighted. XOXO


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