Saturday, July 21, 2012

Will wonders never cease?

Meet my newest garden buddy.  I fell in love with him immediately and can't wait to find the perfect spot for him in the garden.  Isn't he just adorable?  He makes me smile every time I look at him. 
About once a year I'm honored enough to see a tree frog in the yard.  This poor fellow was just trying to take a little stroll and here I come with my bucket.  Actually, I was worried Ella would find him and see if frog legs are all they are cracked up to be.  After snapping a few photos, I set him free in the ferns. 
I really didn't want a photo in the bucket. I was hoping for a serene outdoor scene, but he was too fast for me. A couple of blurry shots later I stopped harassing the poor guy.  He can't be too mad, because I hear him singing to me right now.

 My birds have taken up gardening.  They seem to have planted a sunflower seed in this birch tree.  I've been keeping it watered for them and can't wait to see the results of their endeavor.  I liken it to a woodland windowbox.

There are all sorts of wonders if you look around.  I went around the back of the greenhouse and found this pumpkin hiding on the roof.  I never noticed him until today.  I hope he doesn't get much bigger.  What is keeping it up there is beyond me.  
Ella is remaining diligent about keeping her eyes open for mountain lions or is she looking for chipmunks? We have another photo on the game camera. This time at 4:00am. Although I don't like the idea of a lion around, I'm happier that it is not in the middle of the day.

I hope you are all seeing the wonders around us be it happy garden art, a little frog, things growing in interesting places, or even the wayward mountain lion.  Have a great weekend.


  1. Lovely photos, but that picture of the mountain lion is so spooky.
    Awesome shot of that though.

  2. OMG....that is a LION....I'd be freaking that some other animal in front of it?

  3. I don't think there is anything in front of it. All of our fawns are still accounted for on the camera after the lion had been through.

  4. Love your new wooden turtle, and the sunflower growing out of the tree knot is so cute. That lion is scary-creepy.

  5. Very cool! I wonder how big the sunflower will get? I can't imagine the pumpkin will stay there once it gets heavier. Funny how it ended up there to begin with. You have mountain lions? Wow! That's a great trail cam photo! Hope it stays away from your dog, though.

  6. I love your garden buddies and photos! I totally agree with you about seeing those little and big things--Our power was out for the entire day yesterday and I found that not having all the noise of the house allowed me to hear all those sounds I don't think I would have otherwise, like the chatter of a hummingbird chasing off another hummingbird from the feeder.

    Enjoy your Sunday!!

  7. Another sighting!! Wow!!

    I've been seeing a single fawn of late sans doe. I wonder how long he/she will last in the woods. No mountain lions here but there may be coyotes. I hope it will get adopted.

    We have the singing tree frogs here especially right before a rain. It's amazing to hear the chorus move through the woods and then stop abruptly.

  8. Yours is a lovely, lovely blog. I've been reading here and there and am touched by your love and respect for nature. I'm glad you stopped by my blog and commented so I could, in turn, stop by here and see what I've been missing. Great photography, joyful words, and satisfying work. Thank you for sharing.


  9. like your turtle, it is fun to see whjat can be made with a chain saw.That cougar is sticking close.

  10. Mt. Lions... I thought our Chipmunks were trouble! Love that your feathered friends have expanded your beautiful gardens:) I will try to remember... when our Sweet Peas have dry seed pods... to share with you! We will have oodles :)
    Hope your day is wonderful~

  11. Love the turtle!

    Just stopping by to let you know I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog and The Very Inspiring Blog Awards! Stop by my blog to accept in the comments and pass this along!

  12. Wow, how wonderful to get that picture of the lion. I've been so happy to have a lot of frogs this year. Lot's of baby frogs, too. They are so cute!

  13. It's amazing to see all the natural world you are surrounded by. Just don't get eaten by the mountain lion. :-)

  14. I love the cute! I am loving the sunflower sprouting from the hole in the tree...that is great!! That pumpkin growing up on the roof is pretty cool!

  15. Oh the turtle is so cute. My son took Reptiles and Amphibians for 4-H this year. He would love the turtle and the cute little tree frog that you caught! He would love to see the picture of the mountain lion. I will have to show it to him tomorrow!!

  16. Mountain lions? Oh gosh -- and I'm worried about raccoons. Yay Ella!

  17. Belas fotografias...Espectacular....

  18. MOUNTAIN lion! Gotcha now!

    A first-timer, I've been scrolling back from mid-August. And I occasionally would come across references to lions. The first time it made me go check where you were located.

    That's strange - lions in South Dakota?
    Hmmm ... must have escaped from a zoo.

    Another mention of a lion, very strange.

    Oh ... whew ... she's talking about mountain lions!
    Not that they are something I would want to meet in the dark (or during the day come to that), but I AM relived.

    Great blog and interesting reading,
    jandhj2 AT yahoo DOT ca
    (Change caps to symbols and lose the spaces.)

  19. It's no wonder you feel in love with that little turtle - so cute!
    It'll be neat to see how the sunflower in the tree turned out.


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