Thursday, March 28, 2013

Progress and planning...

Last weekend not only did I get my blog cleaned, but I also finished my quilt.   I just had to show the red binding I used.  I am so happy with how it turned out.  Then to top it all off, while it was snowing I gave my kitchen a good spring cleaning.  I was able to use Dawn to cut the grease that builds on top of the cabinets and was astounded at the amount of junk that accumulates in cupboards.  What is going on in there when the doors are closed?  I know I couldn't have possibly thought some of that stuff was ever going to be useful. 

 Best of all my seeds came this week.  I will be starting my tomatoes and such inside.  I have never used Territorial Seed Company before and am anxious to see how they germinate. 

I went with some unusual plants this year.  I chose a rattlesnake bean, because it does double duty.  If we don't eat it fresh, it can be allowed to dry and then used in soups and stews.  At school last year, we planted lemon cucumbers and they never made it to the kitchen.  The kids would eat them right off of the vine (ok I had one or two myself).  They are wonderful and I can't wait to have some here.  Since they were such a pleasant surprise, I decided to try the Mexican sour gherkin cucumbers just for the heck of it.  I'm going to try eggplant for the first time ever.  I had an eggplant soup in Washington DC that was wonderful.  I am going to try eight ball summer squash and tigger melons.  I chose both because they were small and my garden is only supporting two people.  I am going to try sweet corn, potatoes, and onions again this year although I have yet to be successful with any of the three.  I am hoping my garden will look like this:

I also set some gardening goals this year based on the successes and failures these past two years.  Salsa is a must.  Pressure cooked canned vegetables proved to be an invaluable addition to my cupboard this winter.  I wish I had written down what I put in there.  Carrots, peas, onion, and potatoes for sure, but it seems like I had other vegetables.  No to the tomato sauce.  That was a failure.  I also want more canned peaches and maybe try canning some pears.  The apple cider and hard apple cider were also successful endeavors.  I will continue with my wine and jam making for sure.  I also used a lot more dried herbs this winter.  I am really hoping my garlic does good this year and I can make a garlic braid.  I enjoyed using my harvest from this winter and can't wait to see how my new choices and quickly becoming garden staples do this year.

That in a nutshell is an overview of my weekend progress and garden plan for next year.  I can't wait to see how everyone's gardens grow.


  1. I really enjoy the art in quilts, a first place to visit at the fair.Lots of love in this one.i think I have tried some heirloom beans from territorial.

  2. I like your quilt!! It reminds me of a pattern that my Grandma made, years ago. :)

    And yes, salsa is a must! I made a triple batch last year, and for the first time in a long while, we haven't run out!

    One more question...I'm having a problem with tons of anonymous comments that are spam. How did you close it to them? I've been looking and haven't found the setting!

  3. Looks like you have been a busy Lady. It's amazing how things accumulate over a short period of time.

    Your garden plans and plants sound fun. Good Luck and looking forward to hearing how your new plants grow.

    Happy Easter, Bonnie!

  4. I remember planning my garden and awaiting my seeds to come; how exciting. Your quilt is amazing and all your canning makes me think of a line Kelly use to say to me..."do you think you live on Little House on the Prairie?" I have to laugh, because you do! Happy Easter, XOXO

  5. Love the red trim on your quilt, it really picks up the hints of red in the patterned fabric. I use lots of Territorial seeds, I love them. Have you tried ordering onion starts from them, rather than seeds? That's what I did, I cannot get onion seeds to grow for anything. Is your garlic softneck? You can't braid hardneck garlic. When I first started vegetable gardening, I tried lots of different things, without paying attention to what we would actually eat. That's a great picture of the greenhouse with the squash plants spilling out of it. I hope my squash does that well this year.

  6. Oh I loved reading about your garden plans. That greenhouse photo looks like a fun place, nice to strive for! I think New England is finally coming out from under the snow ...and suddenly all the crocus have arrived ~ good sign. ~ can't wait to garden!

  7. Hi, Bonnie
    Good luck with all of your gardening plans. I love the name of your blog. I am glad you were able to get your cabinets clean. Pinterest Tip: Line the top with wax paper, to cut down on the work next time.
    Have fun

  8. Sounds like a good gardening plan. I'm planning in my mind, but I do have quite a few seeds all picked out from my feed store. I have to have some rain before I can grow much. The well is needed for livestock and people first.

    Love that log cabin quilt, and the new one too. The touch of red is just right.

  9. Bonnie, I love both of the quilts in your pictures. The colors are fabulous!

    I cannot wait to start canning this year, salsa is on the top of the list!

  10. The red bonding is lovely and really picks out the reds in your gorgeous quilt.
    The greenhouse picture shows how healthy the veg was growing, good luck with this years crop.

  11. your quilt is sure to be a treasure, for many lifetimes to come!!

    and i just love seeing pictures of your overproductive greenhouse, you really do have a green thumb!!


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