Saturday, July 27, 2013

Head high by the end of July...

My sweet corn was knee high at the 4th of July and now July is almost over and the sweet corn is "Head high at the end of July."  I'm beginning to feel like a real farmer.  As long as the raccoons  or deer don't ravage the garden, I should be good to go. 

I'm pretty happy with my vegetable garden.  The green peppers are doing great. I even used some to make stuffed peppers today. I will post the recipe later.  The jalapeño peppers are flowering like crazy. Jalapeno poppers here I come. My tomatoes have a lot of  green tomatoes.  My chamomile and scarlet runner beans are looking good. The Rattlesnake beans are also getting close to being ready. I am happy with the Rattlesnake beans, but disappointed with the Dakota Peas.  They didn't produce many peas. 

The lettuce is done.  I pulled that out and planted beets and they look great.  The chipmunks added some color and I have sunflowers growing throughout the garden.  The little buggers were pretty smart, because the sunflowers were a great addition.  

Next year I will pair up the sunflowers sweet corn and beans. The pumpkins attacked my asparagus and knocked some wheels off of my fence.  Pumpkins are very aggressive and I'm finding that they don't take direction well. 

We have had one of the greatest July's I can remember.  Every night we get a good solid rain and the days don't get super hot.  I was a little skeptical about adding outdoor beds, but now I'm hooked.  I am a little worried about the cucumbers, because they ended up getting shaded by the beans, sweet corn, and wayward sunflowers.

 That is how my garden is growing.  I am wondering how everyone else's vegetable gardens are doing.  What are some of your strong producers and disappointments? 
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  1. Your gardens are looking great! I love cheery sunflowers in the mix! My green beans produced like they needed to feed the world this year...I ended up pulling them out because I was tired picking, and had enough! I had a friend come pick some, and should have done more of that, I guess. My squash are a disappointment this year...the squash beetles got half of them before they hardly had a chance to produce!

  2. Your garden is just wonderful. Everything is so tall. I love how big your corn is and how huge your pumpkins are. Oh, I would say my garden is limping along. The heat has been so extreme here this year that I still don't have a single pumpkin nor even cucumber. My tomatoes are producing but not anything to write home about.
    But some years are like that I guess. I am making plans for next years garden so that is a good thing.

  3. Hi Bonny! Everything is looking so lush in your garden. That's so great you can grow corn too. I planted swiss chard, radishes, lettuce, tomatoes, cukes and zukes, and as far as the veggies go everything has done very well except my zukes and cukes. I may have planted them a little late. I've been feeding the swiss chard and lettuce to our chickens which they love. Our tomatoes are on the vine, green but not loads of them. It's been weird summer... too much rain I think...The flowers are all doing great.. I think they love the extra rain the best, but it batters them and they don't look as pretty when the sun comes out. All in all, I am thrilled with the garden this year. Every year in the garden is a success in my book! Thanks so much for sharing your garden with us!

  4. Lots of sweet corn here for 2 weeks.I have too many tomatoes, may have to make salsa.

  5. Lots of snap peas, beans are ready to pick. We've picked a few small zukes. Cukes are loaded with blossoms, but nothing to pick yet. Peppers are setting, but still small. I'm still picking fresh lettuce and planted another small batch for fall. My pumpkins, squash, and sunflowers are going nuts. I planted some sweet baby watermelons, but I really doubt they are going to make into much. We'll see. If we have a long growing season, they might make it.

    Your corn is great! I never did grow sweet corn very well.


  6. WoW, i love how your garden grows!!

    very cool title for this entry, i was not sure what i was going to be reading about!!

  7. Wow you look like a real vegetable farmer to me fantastic work.
    I love the line that your pumpkins won't take direction that is so very true. Oh you have such a beautiful garden and mine well it is almost non existent from neglect. Maybe next year. Hug B


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