Saturday, July 6, 2013

Spa day...

When I was a teenager, Dad would wake us kids at 4 am (it seemed like that's what time it was) and drop us off  in the corn field to pull velvet leaf.  He would leave us with... "One plant produces a hundred seeds."  Around eleven, when it started to get hot, he would come get us.  I always grumbled that if I ever had kids I would never do that to them.  Well, now I'm older and I wish I had kids, because they would be pulling weeds and I would tell them 'it builds character.'  Instead, I still spend my summers plucking weeds out one by one and wondering how many millions of plants there would be if it wasn't for my endeavors.  I have been very busy this summer, where it seems the thistle is especially prolific.  I have a one two punch plan.  First I will pull them all, then when they start to reappear, I will nail them with weed killer.   I've tried one or the other in the past, but this year it is both.
 After all these days pulling weeds and nights drinking wine on the porch going through Pinterest, I decided to have a spa day.  I have always been too cheap to buy beauty products, but I'm getting older and starting to look it.  I decided to give this homemade beauty stuff a try.  Rule number one, if I didn't have it I wasn't going to buy it.  Well, wow.  It is amazing what you can make with stuff in your kitchen.  I made two different types of face cleansing masks, a honey/olive oil hair conditioner, lemon sugar body scrub, a lemon face toner (No idea what that does, but is smells good), and a lemon/chamomile hair spray conditioner.  If you look closely I also made a rhubarb sauce, but that is for eating.  I also didn't find that on Pinterest, I just made it up.  I will post all of these recipes on a new recipes page, once I figure out how to do that.  I did use everything I made.  Probably wasn't meant to be used all at once, but after all it was Spa Day.  I came out smelling like honey, lemons, and olive oil.
I didn't just stop at making food and spa stuff.  I also got crafty and used dowels, earrings, and beads to make hair holders.  My brother made me several leather hair holders, but didn't include the sticks.  I was using cinnamon sticks, because they smelled so good.  Problem is they often break.  After pondering how to improve this dilemma (In the hot sun, while pulling weeds), I bought a dowel and cut it to length.  Then I sharpened one end with sandpaper.   I pushed earring posts in the other end.  I even used a few beads I had lying around.  When I was happy with the combination I stained the sticks and glued the earring in.  I liked them so much I made a pair of hair sticks.  I left them rough, to hold my fine hair.  They also work great. 
       Oh, did I mention I made homemade ice cream and apple pie?  I mean if you are going to spoil yourself let's do it right.  I also found out the rhubarb sauce tastes wonderful on ice cream and in lemonade.  To heck with spa day let's make it a week and forget about pulling weeds.  Oh, that's right, "One weed produces a hundred seeds."  Well, at least now while out there in the hot sun, my skin is soft.  My hair is fixed perfect and have a full belly.  Look out weeds here I come.    


  1. Your garden looks wonderful and everything is growing so well. I like seeing what you have made to use , the homemade products. I have just made a ruhbarb crumble. Appart from my lavender bags and pressing flowers I would not think of doing any thing like you, might follow some of your recipes.
    The wild flowers have really grown this year after all the rain, so will be producing so many seeds. Weeding can feel like a chore, always good to see where you have been.
    Love the little log cabin patchwork. Really enjoyed seeing your garden. Have a good weekend . Milly

  2. Clever Girl.... I'm a Pinterest junkie-- sometimes you are too tired to read, so I look at pictures...I have baby tomatoes, and beans. i also have buds on the pumpkin plants: Does that qualify as a baby pumpkin? Plan on strawberry picking this evening....Looking at a thunderstorm heading our way..

  3. "One weed produces a hundred seeds." your Dad knew what built character:)
    Wow you are very lever and creative I love the the pretty spa jars after all that weed pulling you really need that. The dowels in the hair is a great idea I love it.
    Take care and enjoy those days on the porch watching those weeds grow and knowing that it is all about Character building:) B

  4. Last year it was gout weed that drove me mad, this year it's the thistles...ugh

  5. What a woman! Lol! You have been one busy gal!

  6. I totally love the hair things. It takes me back to my teenager days, when I kept my hair in those.
    You did a very nice job. I like your spa day things too. I can't wait to see those recipes. I think our Dad's must have known each other.
    I have weeds now too. I need to do that then have a spa day.
    Have a great week.

  7. Save me some pie,YUM!Nature Conservacy has crews who take out thistle all summer and get college help in return.We used to have to fill a bucket every Saturday before we could watch cartoons.

  8. You sure had yourself a creative farmgirl weekend Bonnie! You know I still want to send you your apron!!! It's hanging in my kitchen!!!
    email me:

  9. Your father was right--your character is strong and made for prairie life! What wonderful products to have a spa day with. My girls and I would do that often at home and treat ourselves. Can't wait to see the recipes, XOXO

  10. I love the hair pieces! I've been looking for one of those. I used to have one years ago that I loved! You did a great job with making the sticks. So...the story about you in the corn field..oh did you guys get a packed breakfast to go? Lol. There are things that I said I'd never make my kids do either. Haha!


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