Saturday, August 17, 2013

The bees are busy...

 After a busy weekend in the kitchen, I decided to wander around and take note of the bees. They are also preparing for winter.  The flowers are abuzz with their activity.


 I am not happy about this hornet's nest under the deck, but I will wait until winter to remove it.  I am saving wasp paper.  Someday I know I will find a good use for it.  If you have ever looked at the paper up close it is amazing.  Too bad they are such a pest.

I was trying to get a close up of some of the bees that were entering the hive with bright balls of sunflower pollen on their back legs.  That is when I learned a very valuable lesson. Do not go around taking photos of bees with your hair down.  Some poor bee ran into my hair, I tried my best to get him out, but not before getting stung.  It ended badly for both of us.   It is true if you put an ice cube on the sting it helps. 
Other than the excitement caused by having a bee caught in your hair, not much else is going on.


  1. We're having rain this weekend, which put a damper on exploring, but unpacking is still calling my name! I love seeing your busy bees and imagining all the wonderful honey you'll be getting. Looks like they really enjoy the flowers, XOXO


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