Friday, August 9, 2013

walk with me in the garden...

There isn't a lot going on.  I'd like to think I have a mature garden and weed each bed about twice a year.  We have been lucky and we get a good rain once a week.  The very opposite of last year's drought. 

Right now my garden chores consist of watering the vegetable garden and the green house.  I also put out fertilizer and turn the compost pile, which reminds me, I should feed the worms this weekend. 

With that said, pretty much all I've been doing the last few weeks, besides my few chores, is walking around enjoying the flowers, oh, and picking berries.  I hope you grab a cup of coffee and walk with me in the garden...

  I hope you enjoyed the tour.  Let us go back to the porch sit, chat, and sip coffee.


  1. Thank you, Bonnie. I loved seeing your blooms; we stayed in Sioux Falls one night on our way to North Carolina. A beautiful prairie state to live in, XOXO

  2. I'll take mine iced. :) Thanks for the tour...your flowers are simply beautiful!

  3. Love the photos... what a beautiful summer tour. It's been a cool summer for us. Great for the grass and blooms...The garden, not so much. I have gotten beans, a couple of tomatoes and peppers so for. I have a pumpkin the size of your thumb. I keep hoping for more, but the clock of summer is ticking.

  4. Great flowers. The delphinium (Larkspur?) are gorgeous. Are they a particular kind? I grow the wild type of larkspur and I wonder if I could grow your jumbo variety? What's growing up the windmill?



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