Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Oh my...

Oh my, this isn't good.  It is only January and I am tired of snow, wind, and cold.  My thoughts are turned towards gardening, hiking, and outdoor projects.  I am afraid I have a good three months before any of that is possible.   Until then, I have to occupy my time with indoor projects such as, baking, sewing, and just plain piddling around.  

Here are a few of my projects.  Please note that all three has something green.  That shows where my thoughts are. 
This was a fun project I was curious to try.  Especially when I saw the Christmas Tree molds on sale.  I like how they turned out.  I don't know that they are the greatest thing ever, but worth the effort. 

Shower Jelly
2 pkgs of unflavored gelatin
3/4 c. boiling
1/2 c. shampoo or castile soap
2 drops of body safe coloring
1 t. salt
30 drops of essential oil (I didn't add any essential oils)
Put molds on a cookie sheet, so their are easier to move. Pour the packets of gelatin into boiling water.  Stir completely using a wire wisk until gelatin is dissolved.  Add shampoo and the essential oil if you are using it.  Stir in salt and food coloring.  Pour into desired molds.  Place in refrigerator.  Keep in a cool dry place 
 I got the idea from: http://www.easy-home-made.com/shower-jelly.html
 My next project had to do with 10 apples I had leftover from Bountiful Baskets.  I'm getting another basket on Saturday and figured I'd better use up what I had.  I pulled out the awesome apple peeler my parents got me from Lehman's and had the apples peeled and sliced in no time.  I then poked around for an apple crisp and apple muffin recipe that spoke to me.  I got the apple crisp recipe from the good old 4-H cookbook.  I couldn't find an apple muffin recipe that looked good, so I merged several.  I am extremely happy with the results.  

Apple Spice Muffins
2 c. flour
1 t. baking powdeer
1/2 t. baking soda
1/2 t. salt
1 t. cinnamon
1/2 t. nutmeg
4 T. ground flax seed
1/2 c. brown sugar
1/2 c. maple syrup
2 c. chopped apple
1/2 c. butter
1 1/2 t. vanilla
2 eggs

1/4 t. cinnamon
1 T. flour
1/4 c. brown sugar
1 T. butter

Directions:  Preheat your oven to 375. In a large mixing bowl, combine all dry ingredients and sift.  Then add eggs, maple syrup, melted butter, chopped apples, and don't forget the vanilla.  Mix well.  Bake for 5 minutes and add crumb topping.  Then bake another 25 minutes.  Most of this recipe (with a few Bonnie adjustments) came from: 

This sewing project was supposed to be done this Christmas, but that didn't happen.  I'm going to post it in hopes of completing it by next Christmas.  Sorry for the poor quality of the photo.  It looked like a good picture on the camera.  I liked this project, because it was a sew as you go.  I hate measuring and cutting, and this was pretty liberal with the measuring.  

Here is the pattern for the tree:  http://mythreesonsknit.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2011-11-10T05:37:00-06:00&max-results=20&start=14&by-date=false  
A good pattern for the wonky star:  http://thesillyboodilly.blogspot.com/2009/02/wonky-star-tutorial.html

We have had some amazing sunrises and sunsets this winter.  Thank goodness, I have something to color my landscape of winter white.   The winds have been horrendous and I've only been able to sit on the porch once since January.   I have my vegetable garden planned, along with several garden additions.  While I wait to put my plans into motion I will keep busy with projects.  I hope everyone else is staying warm and productive.  


  1. Wow! What gorgeous colors in your sky, Bonnie! I had to do a double take when I read that you had your vegetable garden planned...at first glance I thought you said "planted"...and I wondered how you ever had room for all your starter plants in your house?! Guess I should have known better! :)

    I can't imagine how cold and windy it must be there. I'm listening to the wind howl here tonight, and can hardly wait until it stops. My anxiety level goes through the roof with weather like this,,,wondering if we will lose power and if we'll have more frozen pipes in the next few days. How do you do it, all winter long?! Praying for spring...for both of us!

  2. Hello Bonnie, oh, wow, you are having some incredible sunsets skies, just gorgeous! I must be hungry, because when I saw the Christmas tree soaps, I immediately thought they were Jello 'jigglers', lol That is a very clever idea. I'm going to write your other recipes down, they both are excellent. We're facing the same weather here for a few months, too, and I know how important it is to have something to do and to create. The sewing project is really cute; my sewing room is a disaster, I really need to work on organization. I'm thinking of you; we'll get through this winter soon, right?

  3. That's a beautiful sky! Sounds like you're pretty busy with projects. The apple recipe is so unique, I love it's baked in the mixing bowl.

  4. I love the photo of the muffin! That almost looks like it's in a flower pot. Cute! And I'm also envying the apple peeler. I need one of those!

    Thanks for stopping by Bonnie. Nice to see you! xo

  5. I have looked at a few catalogs, but you are ahead of me on the gardening. I still try to get out a bit everyday, one just has to layer.

  6. Oh do I like that apple peeler. I can spend hours looking through a Lehmans catalog. I always want to live off the grid when I see all of those things they have to do it.
    I like your shower jelly, that might be fun to try. I saw some apples today that I need to use that looks like a nice recipe to try. Your quilt is so nice too.
    I always like seeing how productive you have been. It motivates me.

  7. What fun projects! I thought too that the green Christmas trees were something to eat, Ha. Love those sunsets. I haven't been brave enough to go out and photo ours, I prefer to just enjoy from inside my window. Other than crappy cold wind, I could get used to long winters if I can just get to Hobby Lobby every other week!!

  8. That big muffin looks so delicious. The wind has been crazy here too and now a cold snap. I've still been taking time for walks, even tho I'm frozen to death when I come back inside. Brrr. Great sky photos.

  9. Gorgeous winter skies! I love baking during the winter too.

  10. Hi Bonnie!
    When Old Man Winter comes in early October then we get week long stretches of extreme cold and/or wind it does make for a long winter. I really hope we can get the cold and wind out of the way and have a nice calving season.

    I would love to get Bountiful Baskets. Several Ladies tried to do it in our small town and the local grocery store owners put a quick end to the thought. Enjoy your muffins and new basket.

    Hope you continue to enjoy the beauty of the Hills and have a wonderful weekend.

  11. No snow here yet but too wet to garden. So when does the snow actually disappear?

  12. No wonder you're tired of snow--it started quite early for you last year! Your projects are delightful and I'm especially loving those muffins...wish I had one right now, XOXO

  13. The apple peeler looks great. I always enjoy browsing through the Lehman's site. They have so many wonderful old-fashioned products.


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