Sunday, April 13, 2014

April Fools...

Mother Nature got me.  It was in the 50's and 60's all last week.  Yesterday I was in my floppy hat and cleaning out the flowerbeds that were melted off.  My tulips were even starting to peek out.  The Goldfinches had turned a cheery yellow.  Bountiful Baskets had supplied lemons and I was looking forward to lemonade on the porch.  Ha, a sucker is born every minute...
 It snowed again.
 It is back to about 15 degrees.
He looks like I feel.  Drat.


  1. You did get me to chuckle ~ even though I definitely sympathize with you , 15 degree drat for certain !
    I think the never ending Winter havs finally lifted here ~ we actually hit 70 degrees yesterday .. The first really warm weather since since Oct 2013 . You probably don't need to hear that huh ~
    but really Spring WILL find you ( hopefully soon).
    Keep those lemons handy.

  2. I just keep saying, "April showers bring May flowers." I know I would prefer that they were rain showers but snow showers are what we get too.

  3. Lurve that pic of the bird!i it is the same here in Canada. Gonna have highs of 21 and lows of -1 tomorrow and then snow on Tuesday, yet today we have been sunbathing!

  4. Brrr. . . it shouldn't snow in April!

  5. Lots of delays this morning. Only got dusted, but got some peas and cold weather seeds in Saturday

  6. Now I know this is crazy but I do it all the time. I look at the sky and tell it, " Ha, you might think you got me but you are gonna loose." All of those blooming flowers can't be wrong. I hope it melts fast and you are outside once again enjoying those perfect spring days. The photos are beautiful though.

  7. Excelentes fotografias de inverno....

  8. Winter can't hold on forever. Spring's on the really is.

  9. A pretty scene but I feel for you and the little bird.

    Our goldfinches are very different to your and keep the same plumage all year round.


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