Monday, April 21, 2014

Out on the prairie...

We got up early Saturday and went turkey hunting on the prairie.  Kelly hunts while I carry things, take photos, and look for deer sheds.   It was great fun.  We saw two different sets of birds.  One group disappeared after an owl landed in the tree near them.  The other group gave us a great show, but was too far away for a good shot.  That is ok.  We enjoyed watching them and it was wonderful sitting out on the prairie and listening to the Meadowlarks.   The earth smelled fresh.  The birds put on a beautiful show.  The best part was the serene sunrise provided by Mother Nature.

I am disappointed that this picture didn't turn out.  These sharp tailed grouse were dancing like crazy.  They didn't even care we were there.  Unfortunately, it was impossible to get a good photo, because they were so darn fast.  Just trying to get the camera on them was almost impossible.  The one below did stop and pose.

 The funniest part was coming home to these bad boys in the back yard.  

We sure had a great day.  Spring has finally sprung.  I hope everyone had a Happy Easter.  


  1. Lots of hunters camping with me all having good luck.

  2. Oh Bonnie out with nature is the best thing in the world. Hug B

  3. I am so glad you are having spring. It has been a long time coming. I have always wanted to watch the dance of the grouse. How nice they let you.
    I also think it would be great to watch the sun come up over the prairie. The turkeys in your yard are awesome.

  4. What beautiful pics of a special outing on the prairie.

  5. I honestly love seeing a grouse dance ` that must have been something special.
    My mountain man and his father share the early morning turkey hunting , they share some fabulous stories about all the nature scenes they observe.

  6. I think your first pic of the grouse dancing turned out pretty good considering how much movement was going on. ... the turkeys in the yard ... too funny... I can't tell you how many times something like that has happened here.


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