Sunday, November 23, 2014

Still eking it out...

Believe it or not, I'm still harvesting.  I saved 5 pounds of deer roasts for jerky and today was jerky day.  I also canned 6 jars of stew meat.  Yum!

Last year was hard on everything and we ended up without a raspberry harvest.  This is the first year since we moved here I haven't had raspberries.  Finally the inevitable happened... we ran out of raspberry jam (my husband's favorite).  I dug through the freezer and found a bag from last year.    Jam it is.   I even managed to get 10 pints.

The beekeeper stopped by and dropped off 10 pints of honey.  It looks white in the photos, because it froze.  A hot water bath will bring it back to life.  

Last, but not least I bottled up my Rowdy Rhubarb and Perfectly Peach wine.  I was a little concerned about the peach, but maybe it will taste better after it ages some.  I don't know why I get such a kick out of taking photos of my harvest, but bare with me.  

There is more jerky in the oven.  That little bit is just for representation.  The little wall hanging is something I've trying to finish today.  I really had fun making the tree.  There was a wonky star, but it turned out awful, so I took it off.  

I'm not the only one still harvesting.  The turkeys finally realized that there were still crab apples on the tree.  Two jumped up trying to get them and several stayed on the bottom gathering what fell off.  My husband got a few photos for me.

I am finally done.  Of course, there will still be wine.  I make a batch once a month.  I think I am ready to settle in for the winter and projects.  I'm looking forward to doing some quilting. What are your plans and projects for the winter?  

I also will be making projects for the Christmas in the Country Gift exchange, hosted by Robyn at The Ranch Wife Chronicles.  If you get a chance stop by and sign up.


  1. Wow, you've been busy, look at all the work. I love raspberry jam, my favorite, too! I feel downright lazy after reading this post. Great photo of the turkeys, they are determined to get to those apples, aren't they? As for projects, I'll be getting back to stained glass ASAP.

  2. The peach wine I made had a real tawny flavor like a sherry. I liked to use raspberry in all my reds. I took scrap and made ground meat, one with bacon ends , the other with pork fat. I had thought you canned some, my grannie used to can all meats. Saw my best buck Sat, real tall rack. Making the start of many recipes on Friday with one of my kids to get in the sugary holiday mood. We decided Black Friday is a ethnic celebration- for real crazies, and too early to shop.

  3. Your tone is so happy when you talk about your harvest, Bonnie! I like to hear about what you are doing in the garden and how you put up your produce.

    Thanks for the shout-out for Christmas in the Country. We appreciate your support and participation.

  4. I listened to Canadians for you tonight, with a flock over 25 minutes passing from the river to the corn.

  5. I'm still harvesting, too. I have a couple hundred hulled black walnuts spread out on newspapers to dry. My husband and I will crack them and pick out the nut meats in mid-December so that I can use them in my holiday baking.

  6. I'm done harvesting but I do have a sheet with gobs of parsley still drying in one of the bedrooms. Your jam and honey and wine is surely worthy of a good photo. You're RICH!

  7. I swear you do not sleep! I am done harvesting, it was pretty lame this year. This winter, I plan to really learn how to shoot in RAW on manual on my fancy camera. Also, finishing a few crochet projects and making more jewelry. I think that's it! If I get 2 out of 3 done by the time spring hits, I'll feel quite accomplished :)


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