Saturday, November 15, 2014

Winter let fall fool us all...

Winter let fall fool us all.  We were enjoying 70 degree days and then BAM, the polar vortex nailed us.  I went to work Thursday and it was -20.  Blah.  Did Old Man Winter have to come in with such a bang?  

We braved the cold temperatures to go hunting this morning.  I actually wasn't looking forward to it.  Last year I didn't see anything and finished the season with a bowl of tag soup.  Again I was fooled.  Despite the cold (5), snow, and strong winds it was a great hunt.  

I saw a small doe on the hike into my spot.  I decided to sit tight and my instincts were right.  A nice buck showed up and gave me plenty of time to make the decision to pull the trigger.   It was a good shot and I took my time dressing him out.  I had wonderful company as a covey of curious sharp tail grouse flew in to watch me.  By the time I was finished and had pulled him to a place where he could be loaded, my husband arrived.  We loaded him up and brought him home.

Tomorrow, I will be the butcher and we will eat grilled back straps.  A much more delightful meal than tag stew.
 I enjoyed watching them hang upside down to reach the Russian Olive berries.  They watched my progress with great interest.

It wasn't a bad way to start the winter.  At least we will have plenty of venison on these short cold days.  Happy hunting.


  1. Pretty photos ! It is cold and little bit of snow flying around here but I dont think it will stick or accumulate to anything but one never knows here in Ontario Canada lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  2. Bonnie,
    Glad you had a good hunt today. J's Uncles got one small white tail buck and saw a few mule deer in our summer pasture. Enjoy your grilling tomorrow.

    The highest temp I saw today was 3* mid-late afternoon. It sounds like Sunday will be even more cold as they are talking wind. Not fun.

    I have to share that several sharp-tailed grouse (a/k/a prairie chickens) meandered through our yard yesterday morning. I snapped a few shots. We saw quite a few in the trees during chores this morn. I like to see them and hear their songs.

  3. Good for you! A good day's hunt. The birds are spectacular. Looks like a long winter ahead.

  4. Bonnie, your home is always so beautiful in the pictures you share, the bird images are spectacular as well!! I have such a hard time reading about the hunting part, I am such a softie for Bambi!!

  5. In the last picture especially those grouse look like partridges in a pear tree. That would make a great Christmas card!

  6. Deer numbers are strong around me. The big bucks are spread out, but I have seen a couple with a small doe trying to build there numbers. Once in a while my pups would like to give chase, but are good to stay quiet and watch. That backstrap sounds good to beat the cold.MMMMMMMM

  7. Grilled back straps and tag stew...those aren't things I'm familiar with! I'm glad you had a good hunt and will be able to start filling your freezer. I'm sure it makes the cold more bearable when you have success out there!

  8. My son has hunted and hunted and not shot a single buck, so I guess it will be tag soup for him as well. Good job getting your deer.
    I am sure it made up for all of the cold weather.
    I love your pictures.

  9. Hooray for the Buck! I loved the photos of your sharptail grouse. They're such good chickens, aren't they? I just adore them.

  10. The grouse are so interesting and we have a few here, but mostly I've been amazed at the Blue Birds that are still around. Stay warm and make a pot of soup--Spring never skips its turn, XOXO

  11. The photos are amazing! It's fun to see the birds stretch upside-down to get the berries. Congratulations on getting the deer.


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