Sunday, April 5, 2015


We did some exploring this weekend.   It is very rare that the snow is melted off this early and we took advantage.  We explored the riverbanks of the Belle Fourche River and Whitewood Creek.  

The Belle Fouche River is deep and swift.  The grass was tall and smelled heavenly.  There are supposed to be catfish (my favorite), so next time I will have to bring my pole.

 I love the giant cottonwoods that follow the river banks.  The prairie was warm and refreshing.

Our next stroll was along Whitewood Creek as it runs below Deadwood.  This creek is filled with trout and many people fly fish along it's windy banks.   The road followed the old railroad grade.  It was a beautiful walk.

You can see Ella in the distance patiently waiting for us to catch up.  It was a bit cooler in the hills, but certainly better than most Aprils.  

I am pleased the weather has allowed me the opportunity to get outside.  I am also thankful I live somewhere that within 20 minutes I can explore the prairie or the hills.   It amazes me how two rivers, not that far apart, can hold such different landscapes.  I hope everyone across the country is also enjoying an early spring.


  1. Looks like Spring, what a lovely area you live around.

    As \with Hasenpheffer, I eat it when I am near Omaha at the Bohemian Café, it is served on Sundays. I have 2 dozen rabbits also.

  2. Spring is not far off for you there. Lovely scenes.

  3. Both places are just wonderful. I am so glad you are getting to get out instead of being buried in snow. :) I love that both are so close to where you live. I love how rugged it looks not to mention getting to go fishing.

  4. This is my first visit to your blog and I'm just in time to join you on this hike. Beautiful photos!

  5. looks like a beautiful area!!! and YaH!! for no more snow!!!


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