Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring has sprung...

Finally, I have some blooms to post.  My crocuses took advantage of the warm weather and made an early appearance.  They are always so cheerful against a drab world.

 These tulips sprung up before I could even get the bed cleaned out.  
I'm in shock that everything is melted off here.  I spent the weekend raking the yard and cleaning the flower beds.  
Meanwhile, in the greenhouse seeds are making their appearance.  My broccoli is up and  making progress.
 The lettuce is also finally coming up.  I seeded them last fall, but they never germinated this spring, so I had to reseed them.  It looks like the second time was a charm.
 Of course I don't expect the weather to hold, I have a back up plan in case it goes sour.  My dad got me a little cabin heater for the greenhouse.  I got it all set up today.  
It is my hope that if I plan for a big snowstorm it won't make an appearance.  I am about a month ahead of schedule in the gardening world.   What is going on in other parts of the country?  Are you already planting outside?  Are your crocuses long gone?  


  1. Crocuses done here. Daffodils blooming. Forsythia just coming out and hosta breaking the surface of the soil. I have peas sprouting in the garden along with lettuce and bok choy. Looking forward to a warm day tomorrow to work outside on those Spring chores. Weekend was beautiful but we were on the go.

  2. Man, when the seasons transition from winter to spring, they really do it with gusto! Those tulips were up and blooming quick! We are also about a month ahead. Frankly, I'm feeling out of sorts and unsure about starting seeds. I feel really behind. Our tulips are just about done. Enjoy your blooms and I'll keep my fingers crossed for no more snow storms for you!

  3. Lots of new blooms every day. The shrubs and trees just popped out overnight it seems. I love the crocus, I would like to try a fall bloomer. That is where they get saffron from.

  4. We are ahead of schedule here in the PNW too, we've had a warmer and drier than usual spring. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that you don't get one last snow.

  5. So pretty. Who can resist the happiness of a spring bloom?


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