Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Saga of the flycatcher....

Every year we play host to a couple of flycatchers.  Over the years I have come to the conclusion that they are the dumbest birds out there.  Each year they agonize over nest placement.  I think the agony comes over choosing the most fledgling unfriendly place they can find.  One year it was in a shed and another was at the highest peak of our cabin.  I am sorry to say the survival rate of their offspring hasn't been the best.  The first step is always a doozy.  

This year was another drama filled endeavor.  It began with the mother and father determined to build their nest on the porch supports.  This is a great concept as the nest will be well protected.  Problem was they kept forgetting how to get to the nest.  They had four separate nests, because every time they got on the porch they couldn't remember where to go.  Finally, one of them figured it out.  It would go under the porch and come up through the stairs.  Of course this nest is right above the water fountain.  Another doozy of a first step for the little guys.  

There are little ones.  I got on a chair to take this photo.  As soon as the camera beeped they opened their little beaks for food.  It was cute.  I will have to move the water fountain when they get to the first flight stage.

 I am inspired by Our Plot at Green Lane Allotments.  They always report the success and failures of their garden.   I am going to follow suite.  My Early Frost Peas are stellar.  They are producing like crazy and taste great.   I am also very happy with my Bolero and Cosmic Purple Carrots.   The Arcadia Broccoli tastes great, but the heads are small.
I must say I enjoyed sitting on the porch shelling peas.  Ella especially liked that I fed her the shells. They aren't even close to being done with production.  On the other hand my Telephone Peas are pretty sad.  They have spent more time climbing and not much producing.   

I am a bit late posting, as I spent the Fourth of July weekend visiting family.  It is always good to see loved ones.  I am sure you can guess I was at my in-laws as I am posting several bird photos.  I was not fast enough to capture a hummingbird this time, but there was plenty of other birds to keep me occupied.  Like the goldfinch below.
Once in a blue moon I get a rose breasted grossbeak, but they are common in Minnesota.

The highlight was capturing a cardinal.  I was a Harrold Cardinal in high school, but never saw a cardinal until I visited my in-laws.  They are so pretty and I love their call.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July, filled with family and fun.  My question of the week is what is your most productive plant this year?


  1. Love the bird photos. I'm always thrilled to see a cardinal when we take a trip to Arizona. Amazingly beautiful. You've got a nice harvest going on there. I'm still only harvesting lettuce and a few snap peas. I did pick a nice little jalapeno. I'd say that my potatoes are the most productive crops growing. Oh, and my German Chamomile is really flowering and I'm about to pick the heads. THANKS to YOU!

    Happy Gardening!

  2. I had house finches that wanted to nest over my front porch light every year. I rolled a towel and put it there each year to dissuade them. Finally they gave up after 3 years. Fun to watch the fledges, but out away from my home is best. I had a friend whose wife pickled broccoli stems. They had a big family so nothing was wasted. I am seeing some IA corn for sale and like it.

  3. Most productive as of yesterday is garlic. Just pulled what I planted in the fall and its drying/curing in the garage. Heads are enormous. And I thought last year's was big. Now waiting on the beans and tomatoes.

  4. I just had to laugh at the antics of the fly catchers! Poor birds...it must be sad to be so dumb! :) My most productive plant this year is my zucchini! I'm getting quite a collection on my kitchen counter!

  5. That Cardinal is so regal looking. I only have a few tomato plants since we have great Farmer's Markets here. Your peas looking yummy; I remember eating them right from my grandfather's garden! XOXO


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