Sunday, June 28, 2015

There is always something...

When I started this blog I wondered if I would find enough things to talk about.  Truth is there always seems to be something going on.  Maybe to some people they aren't earth shattering events, but to me it is the little bits of fabric that make the quilt of life.  

I try to keep posts small, but this week was packed with adventure.  I will begin with the little guy below.  While out at our property we saw this little bugger.  He was certain I was his mother.  They must not have good eye site at that age.  It was hard to keep from picking him up, but I'm sure his mom was close by.

My Miss Kim lilac bloomed this week and hosted quite a few admirers.  I kept the camera handy while relaxing on the porch and wasn't disappointed.  There were plenty of guests.
This guy was much smaller than the hummingbird moths I normally get.  He looked so soft and had such pretty colors.

My garden has been filled with bumblebees this year.  They love the columbine flowers.  It is good to have them back.  A few years ago they were pretty scarce.  
A few closeups of my favorite springtime flowers.  The yellow rose smells heavenly.  I wish they bloomed more than once a year.  I'm always taking close ups of iris blooms.  They have so many different textures.  The velvety leaves, fuzzy stripes, and contrasting colors.  They are amazing flowers.

We have been getting plenty of rain, but I couldn't resist staging a photo shoot with my watering can.
These red iris remind me of stained glass windows the way they capture the light.  My husband found them and knew I would love them.  He is always looking out for me.

I end with one of my favorite springtime sites.  A doe and her twins.  Captured on our trail camera.  I hope everyone is slowing down and taking a few moments to enjoy the little things in life.  In reality, I find they are actually the big things.  


  1. Love your pictures of the baby raccoon.

  2. You really did find some treasures. The hummingbird moth does have a few varieties. I keep petunias on my deck that brings them in also. Field &Stream gave a good trout story this month around your area streams. I need to get up and try it out, it has been a few years. I have peppers on.

  3. What a great week you had, Bonnie!

    We had 3 different raccoons as pets when I was in middle and high school. They are neat and intelligent animals. Yes, I know they are also very destructive.

    Your flowers are beautiful. Thank You for sharing them with us.

  4. Twins oh that is awesome. I surely do take time to notice the good things in life. The little things. Your blog shows those perfectly. Hug B

  5. Thanks for sharing your spot of Earth with us. I enjoyed the news.

  6. I love raccoon. They come up on the porch and eat leftover cat food. They don't seem to mind that we are also sitting there. Yesterday a mom and her three babies were on the porch. When I walked out the door she just calmly walked away with the three trailing after her, although they stopped a time or two to look at the strange creature that came out of the house! LOL

  7. awwww first time stopping by since the snow melted!! i love the first thought in this post. so beautifully stated and i feel the exact same way.

    gorgeous images today and i loved bambi!!

  8. Lovely photos and I love that baby raccoon. I also love that pictures of that big moth. I love moths. Sometimes more than butterflies.
    Everything is just so beautiful there. Have a lovely week.

  9. Babies are always so cute. Love the little raccoon! And twins? I wonder how often that happens with deer? Love your iris, too. Mine have been done blooming for a month, and I'm glad to get to enjoy yours!

  10. Awesome pics. All you have to do is take time to look and see SO many "little things" happening all around you I love all the beauty you share today.


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