Sunday, August 2, 2015

Loose ends...

 Well, I survived 5 days with two rambunctious youngsters.  We had so many adventures:

-Making Walking Sticks
-Visiting the Spearfish Fish Hatchery
-A picnic in the Park 
-Wading in the Creek
-Doing a Scavenger Hunt
-Visiting where I Work
-Hiking Bear Butte (WAY HARD)
-Picking Berries
-Making Jam and Jello
-Learning to take Pictures
-Fox watching
-Singing and making up silly stories
-Gold Panning
-Driving with the top off of the Jeep
-Eating lots of Lemon Drops

 I was super happy with this pinterest project, an outdoor adventure hunt bag.  It printed easily on a paper bag so the kids could put their treasures inside.  You may notice we had an additional camping guest.  We did pretty good for our first time camping.  Of course i was just in the back yard.  Close enough for an extension cord so I could blow up the air mattress.  That is Aunt Bonnie's idea of roughing it.

Probably the thing we were proudest of, but will never do again is hiking Bear Butte.  It was a way more difficult hike than I anticipated.  It didn't help that the wind was blowing so hard.  It is a good thing I fed the girls before the hike.  They needed the extra weight or they would have blown away.  This photo is from the top.  If it looks steep IT IS!
 We picked raspberries and one learned how to make jam, while the other worked on her photography skills.  The photo on the left was taken by Sierra and the heart below was Taylor's.  

It was a grand week and I am so thankful that I got to spend time with them.  They were great little ladies and I'm very proud of them.


  1. Oh you are the best Aunt ever I wish I had you for my aunt. The girls will never forget this trip. I am so happy they did not blow away but the view was worth the trip. I can only imagine the "What did you do on your summer vacation" stories that will come from this. Good Job Auntie. Hug B

  2. Nice to share experiences that will be enjoyed for a lifetime

  3. Bonnie, looks like you had a great time! Nice to 'borrow' the nieces, eh?" I like to borrow mine too. So cute that you did the Bear Butte the 'hard way'. LOL.

  4. You get a 'Best Auntie' award! That hike alone wins it!

  5. I have two of my grands coming in a few weeks...hope I survive to tell the tales too! And, I agree--you are the Best Auntie!

  6. Those lucky girls! They're so blessed to have you.


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