Sunday, August 23, 2015

The mysteries of gardening

The garden is hanging tough despite cold days, colder nights, and strong winds.  Gardening has really become a mystery for me this year thanks to my labeling system for seedlings.

 My Mexican Sunflowers are going great guns.  They are huge.  I accidentally planted them in the vegetable garden, thinking they were my eggplants.  Note to self; come up with a better way to identify seedlings.
 The clematis is blooming much later than normal.  That is ok, as it is giving some much needed color to the already peaked rose bed.
 Somewhere amongst the cosmos and sunflower are pumpkins, squash, and other assorted vines.
 Any ideas what this is?  I go back to my previous mention of a better labeling system. It is either a spaghetti squash or maybe a winter squash.
These are either black krim or black beauty tomatoes.  I guess you could say gardening is an adventure for me.  Do you have any unidentified vegetables or flowers in you garden?  


  1. I transplanted the wrong seedlings a few times. I like to mix flowers in with veggies, I feel I get better output.

  2. I've got some squash that I'm not sure about. I just put some unmarked seed in the ground....squash-type. Do you think that squashes and pumpkins and cross pollinate? I'm wondering if your squash-thing is a white pumpkin?

  3. I manage to lane pretty well. It's the volunteers that I allow to grow that I never can identify.

  4. I'm sure that is a spaghetti squash, Bonnie. Although I think they are also referred to as Winter Squash. Your garden is looking great!!

  5. My pumpkin plants are going to be rototilled under as soon as the tractor is repaired. It's been such a wet, cool summer they didn't stand a chance. They're just now setting on fruits and we're just a few weeks away from frost.

    I have volunteer tomatoes I'm unsure of. I wish I knew what the cross is because they're beautiful and taste great.

  6. Bonnie - you asked about the moon flower. I purchased it as a plant this spring from the local ACE hardware store. It's just now putting out the blooms. I wish it would winter over after doing all this growing and winding around the arbor gate. And in my above comment I don't know if I meant plan or label. Oh, well.

  7. my garden is not as large as yours, everything is marked. i love your flower garden and it's natural's just beautiful!!!!


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