Sunday, September 13, 2015

Late summer lull...

Not much going on in the hills.  I'm just sitting on the porch.  Once in a while I pick some tomatoes and lemon cucumbers.  There was some sweet corn ready for freezing.  Other than that it has been a nice summer lull. 
Even Ella isn't up to much.

There have been lots of little tree frogs around the cabin lately.  They are better than packrats any day. On the packrat front, things are quieter.  So, I guess there is nothing better to do than sit and relax.
Hopefully, I am not the only person enjoying the last days of summer.  How are you spending yours?


  1. Still getting a lot from the garden.I have been on the road a lot, headed out today to camp all week.Had to get a babysitter for my garden.

  2. Sitting on your porch relaxing and enjoying the view before winter comes back sounds perfect:) Hug B

  3. It sounds like your late summer days are very pleasant. I'm preparing to make some big changes in my garden, now that our weather is cooler and rain is on the horizon.

  4. It will be nice when thing settle down here. I still want to plant some odds and ends in my garden for winter. Plus we need to get some wood cut for the fireplace. We lost most of our fruit trees this year from the drought. Very sad, but the wood will be nice. My son makes hunting knives and he uses our fruit wood for handles. So not all is lost.
    I bet you can feel fall coming.

  5. Still picking stuff from the garden. Canning some tomatoes. Mowing. Watering. Walking in the sunshine. Waiting for some rain to come along. Now I'm starting a string quilt (so fun!).

  6. Bonnie,
    Glad you are enjoying the fading days of summer.

    We got done hauling hay on Saturday. Sunday we rested. Monday and Tuesday J worked on a couple projects and I worked on some projects in the house. It was really nice to not push ourselves.

    Tomorrow, back to work, lol! We are preconditioning calves Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I like fall cattle work and am looking forward to watching the sun rise as we gather cattle in the crisp morning air.

  7. Enjoying the last of the summer days in your beautiful garden, sounds wonderful. I live in San Diego and we're hoping for a wet winter. Our garden needs it desperately. Love your blog and photos. Thanks for sharing.


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