Sunday, September 20, 2015

Live and learn...

Fall is my time to reflect on this year's gardening season and note improvements that need to be made.  The following quote epitomizes my philosophy in life, "I never lose.  Either I win or I learn."  This year I learned several things:
First - I need a better watering system for the outdoor beds.  Thus the 55 gallon barrel and a drip watering system from Gardener's Supply.  It has been hard, but I am holding off until next spring to set everything up.

Second - 10 tomatoes is TOO MANY.  I literally have to crawl into the greenhouse.  They folded over the fencing and tomato cages.  I didn't get to plant my fall lettuce and spinach, because I cannot get to the back beds. 

Third - Label Label Label. I had no idea what I planted where.  As you can see below, the Mexican Sunflowers took over the second tier of the garden.  They choked out the corn.

Fourth - I need to finish fencing the vegetable garden.  The deer got to my vining beans and I think the jackrabbit found the bush beans. 

Fifth - Shorter sunflowers will be needed for my containers.  The millet was very successful, as was the nasturtiums and calendula.  I just need to get something that vines and then plant more containers.  They made a wonderful addition. 
Sixth - The perennial flower beds did  great this year, just a few minor adjustments are needed.  The consistent rain, a yearly routine of compost injections, and stinky fish fertilizer made a big difference.  There were a few rhythm problems and most of the beds need thinned.  Friends will be getting flowers this fall when the weather cools down and some rain sets in. 

Fall is definitely my time to relax and contemplate.  Ella is all about that.  Please also notice Kelly's giant pumpkin.  Another thing I need to work on.  Jenni from Rainy Day Gardener, I believe that little fella is a product Baby Boo Pumpkin seeds you gave me several years ago.  I have no idea what happened to the Big Max I planted (goes back to that whole labeling issue).

What changes are you considering with your gardens?  Did your plantings go as planned? 


  1. Well you seemed to have learned a lot this year:) I think the thought of relaxing on your porch with Ella sipping tea in the fall weather is just what you need after a very productive summer. Enjoy the bounty. Hug B

  2. Better staking--- between the wight of the plants and a heavy rain-- much fell over and ended up ground crawling. I definitely need a better system.

  3. Your gardens are lovely! I have to smile, thinking of crawling into the greenhouse! Are those tall orange flowers behind the metal wheels the Mexican Sunflowers? Whatever they may be called...I like 'em!! This year I've learned that smaller is ok. I made a HUGE downsize in both my perennial beds and my vegetable garden, and I've not regretted it! Kept some favorites, and shared the rest with friends.

  4. I think that is what I love about gardening. There is always so many things to learn and there is always next year to get it right from all we learned. I read each thing you learned avidly. I always feel like I learn so much reading your blog. This year, our garden was so small. I didn't garden very much. It was more like just trying to keep things alive. It has been nice though, to plan and think about more drought tolerant plantings. I love all of your pictures and I really hope you enjoy your time of reflection, you have earned it. I am still in awe of you cutting up and getting two bears and rendering the fat. Just Awesome!

  5. Experimenting is something I always try.I like to try successive crops so I get some late in the year produce.

  6. I think you are always learning and changing and modifying with gardening. My lesson is that you really can have too many perennials, and you don't have to save everything. Some things can be dug out and tossed into the field. -Jenn

  7. I really enjoyed your opening have a wonderful spirit and I learned a few things reading this entry!!

  8. I've started my list too for next spring. But the list for fall is not completed yet. I'm considering letting tomatoes take a break and plant corn instead. Had so much trouble with blight. My fall lettuce bolted way too fast and now I need to pull it and compost it. We ate very little of it.

  9. Well to start I took up a lot of the garden by the road and replaced it with grass, too much road salt and the plants were not growing well. Make the veggie garden into a flower garden, my next door neighbours trees were casting too much shade. With the cooler weather I am trying to bring order back to others beds that got away from me over the summer. Looks and sounds like you had an exciting gardening season.


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