Sunday, May 22, 2016

A plethora of planting...

We have been super busy.  Last week was filled with family.  Kelly's nephew and his family came out for turkey hunting and fishing.  Then I was off to my sister's to run a 5k with my sister and nieces.  A great time was had by everyone.  It is good to spend time together.  

This weekend was a plethora of planting.  Kelly planted the food plots for our deer.  I planted the greenhouse and all of my planters.  It was very fulfilling to get my hands in the dirt.   
Kelly putting the finishing touches on the food plot.
I wasn't the only one planting.  The wild pasque flower was sowing it's seeds this weekend.
My little wild tulips look great in the rose bed.

These daffodils are so complicated.  I get lost in their petals.
The tulips were all afire this afternoon.  They look great.
These tulips are my favorite.  I'm going to have to replant, as they have slowly died out over time.
This is my go to grouping.  Every year they bring me happiness.

Do you have any planting combinations that are your favorite?


  1. I can see why the flowers make you happy. Gorgeous!

  2. Flowers are such a much needed "pick me up"in the spring, I think! Yours are so pretty! My new perennial bed is beginning to look like it belongs together, and I can't decide which corner is my favorite! :) Happy planting!

  3. I like try lots of color combinations.It is funny what colors grab my eye. I get a few plants going and add others to complete the combination.Love your tulips, they have faded away followed up by iris.It is hard to stay away from the greenhouses, I always want more.Put a campsite in my woods and stayed all week with grand kids.Nice to wake up today by myself. LOL They wore me out.

  4. That daffodil is so pretty! Are you putting in your vegetable garden soon? -Jenn

  5. Everything looks so pretty. I like all of the things you are getting done. I think each time something blooms it makes me happy. Like right now its my hydrangeas. I did get part of my garden in yesterday so things are good. Next I need to be doing a "Plethora of Planting." Have a great week!

  6. Wow they are beautiful. In pots, I like columbine behind the petunias. Just the tall and short of it I s'poze.

  7. So is the deer food plot a crop you are growing to attract the deer? Is it in the Hills or on the property near Belle? Another question: The short pink and yellow posies in front of the daffs? Are they primroses? Pretty posies!


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