Monday, May 2, 2016

Busy, busy...

Ok, my husband was busy disking the field, while I was fishing and taking photos.  I only caught one catfish, but I did get some nice pictures.

 The wild gooseberries are blooming like crazy.
 There were plenty of rabbits around.

 This Blue Winged Teal drake and his hen cruised by fast as lightning.  
 This pretty moth landed in my fish bucket.  Had I known I was going to run out of bait I would have put him on a hook.
 This pair of Canadian geese were not overly happy that I started fishing next to their little island.  They set up quite a racket, but after a while quieted down and we coexisted in harmony.
This Kingfisher did a flyby.  I was pleased to get a half decent photo.  You could hear him coming down the river a mile away and then in a flash he was past me and gone.

Of course, I am unable to just sit and relax.  There were tons of dandelions blooming.  While others see weeds, I see wine.  I picked a pail full.  Little did I know the work that would ensue.   Come to find out you have to separate the yellow from the green.  A tedious job.  I cannot imagine who would have had the time or patience to figure out how to make wine out of those stupid little yellow petals.  After 3 hours of separating, I decided one doesn't really need seven cups of petals.  I am certain five will do.  I'll keep you updated on whether or not it was worth the effort.  I'm just saying right now it would have to be one of the greatest wines I've ever tasted to be worth that kind of work.
That is about all that is going on in my neck of the woods.  I hope everyone else had as warm and productive weekend as I did.


  1. Dandelion wine? Wow, you are industrious.

  2. Lots of work for a nice glass of wine. I hate my first rhubabrb yesterday. I was fishinng until this last weekend, my river is flooding now from lots of rain.Will head to the lake instead.

  3. The salmon are beginning to run so my hubby is beginning to walk with a twitch - wanting to be on the rivers:)
    I make dandelion jelly, but use the whole blossoms:)

  4. I have read it is one of the best, dandelion wine. I guess I always assumed it was the green part. I never knew it was the flowers. I will watch to see how it turns out.
    Your photos are lovely. I love all of the wild life you caught while fishing. Fishing just sounds like a great thing to go do. I have wanted to get my pole out and go for a jaunt. I hope you have a lovely week.

  5. I wonder how your dandelion wine will be? Looks like a lot of work to me. Great photos!!

  6. Great photos! I'm anxious to hear how your dandelion wine turns out! My hubby got a recipe from an old Amish neighbor, and he tried making it. It took forever (as you can well imagine!) to separate those yellow petals, and our fingers got sore, lol! Have fun!

  7. I've never tried dandelion wine. Does it taste like white wine? I love seeing your nature photos. -Jenn


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