Sunday, September 11, 2016

Remember when?

Remember long ago when I posted that someday we would build a barn?

First we cut a few trees...
Then smoothed things out...

Then a fire pit and retaining wall.
Now da daaa done..
 One tractor barn...
 Looking to the east.
 Can't you just see a barn dance?  The upper door rolls to the side.
 It had to have a traditional barn door.
 From the upper window facing the cabin.
 From the other upper window facing the freshly mowed orchard.
 A close up of my pulley.  I think the contractor put it upside down, but I'm not climbing up there to change it.

There you have it.  It took a year or two, but it happened.  Around here we take our time, save our money, and slowly but surely get things done.  I am happy to have that project finished.    What is a big project that took you awhile before it happened?


  1. Good job!! Its a lovely barn! I like seeing all of the pictures and of course the dutch door. It looks like a perfect place. Everything just looks gorgeous at your house.
    I love how green everything is. I also really like your area with the firepit. I think it was building our house. It took 20 years to get here. It was worth it. Have a lovely week.

  2. That is wonderful! Will you fill it with animals? I would love a little barn, as long as it had electricity and water. -Jenn

  3. It's awesome! Your tractor (and its driver) will LOVE it! Barn dances...yes!

  4. It's beautiful. I think I have barn envy. Growing up if I was stressed or needed to blow off steam, I would clean the barn - nobody seemed to bother me there. When I moved from home, and was stressed etc, I was at a loss as I had no barn to clean. :)

  5. i like your design. A friend took a hay barn and put in a nice floor, and became a dancer.Lots of parties under wagon wheel chandeliers.They tired of it and now it sits full of hay again.My 1st house I put new carpet as priority, with a new baby on the way. She was 3 when I finally got it down, too many other things interrupted the original plan.

  6. Wonderful barn! I often wished we had built one here, yours is gorgeous. I know about projects, trust me, we're still working on a stone garden cottage we started in 2005. :-(

  7. Your place and all your projects looks so amazing to me!! Great job!


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