Sunday, September 25, 2016

Autumn Splendor...

 Ok, so  you were expecting bright colors and instead you see this shy guy blending in.  This ruffed grouse is usually sitting on his log when I jog past.  My observant bird dog has yet to see him.   That is fine with me.  It is fun to see him looking so miffed that we are interrupting his day.  The rest of the photos are an attempt to capture the beauty around our place.  The colors are so vibrant.  Usually by now the snow and wind have chased the leaves away.  This weekend was super windy, but the colors held.  Fall is by far my favorite time of the year.  "When every leaf is a flower, but only so for an hour."  Luckily Robert Frost was wrong this year and we have enjoyed weeks of blooms. 

You have to love cell phones.  I never would have carried the camera with me as I got on the roof to clean the gutters.  It was fun to observe the world from a different perspective.
 Back on solid ground, I tried to capture the autumn splendor.   This is the best show our little Fall Fiesta Maple has ever put on.

 It just makes you want to wander off into the woods.
 It is rare we get to see this much red.  The red ozier dogwood and the sedum add wonderful highlights to our normal golden colors.
 This Music Box Rose is putting on some fall fireworks of its own.  It can't stop blooming.  I don't mind.  My only regret is it doesn't have much of a scent.  It does make up for it in blooms.

 Our one little apple tree is laden with apples.  I have canned 6 pints of apple cider, froze apple pie filling for 6 pies, made two apple pies to eat, and one apple crisp.  It hasn't even made a dent.  This is the best they have ever tasted.   I plan on making some Dutch apple pie jam, apple syrup, and maybe even try to dehydrate some in my oven.  
That is it for the fall frolic.  I hope you enjoyed the tours.  I am anxious to see how long it will last.  The winds this weekend, didn't strip the leaves so hopefully we can enjoy a few more weeks.  How are the colors where you are?


  1. Your place looks so beautiful, we are just beginning to welcome fall here at the jersey shore!! Cell phone cameras are amazing these days, taking some really amazing pictures!!

    You sure are apple busy!!

  2. I love fall, too. That sure looks like a bumper crop of apples. Do you do anything, like spray the tree for pests? I don't think I've ever seen a grouse. That's neat that he is often there for you to see! -Jenn

  3. Just seeing some changes but yours is real nice. I like fall also, but I was born in the fall also.

  4. Your place looks just gorgeous! I too love fall.

  5. I am so loving all the colours of autumn you are showing here ♥

  6. It's SO pretty in your neck of the woods! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  7. We're a little away from color yet--until today it's still been in the 90s! I will go apple picking in a few weeks with my sister. Love your photos, XOXO

  8. Bonnie,
    Autumn is gorgeous at your house! Your flowers and trees are looking great. Yea for delicious apples and apple baking.

    We had wind over the weekend too. Our trees lost some of their leaves and vibrancy. Friday night we got 1.30" of rain, the biggest rain we've had since late May.

    Thank You for sharing the view of your yard.

  9. I like your new header photo. You have done a lot to that property. Loving your fall colors. We only have a hint here and there. Many leaves are dry and just falling off, sycamores especially.


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