Sunday, December 18, 2016


He was the youngest of 11,
Also the youngest of the Greatest Generation.
Epitomizing what that generation was known for.

Growing up on a farm during the 30's.
Stories of driving teams in the fields. 
Racing them against the town upstart.
He won.  Since I am a teacher, 
he was quick to let me know,
with a twinkle in his eye,
 he was smart enough to be quite naughty in school.

He snuck off, while his mom was visiting his sister,
to sign up for the Air Force and serve like his older brothers.
He missed WW II,
but was stationed in England after the war.
He spoke of the hardships that country endured,
don't eat the meat pies,
the police carried billy clubs,
and the incessant rain.
His mom chewed him out for not writing,
so he asked his bunkmate to.
Mom knew.

He came home, settled down and married.
Fifty eight years,
through thick and thin.
Raised 4 kids.
Kids, grandkids, great grandkids.
30 years at IBM,
working overtime,
driving through the Minnesota winters.
No complaints, 
because that is what great men do.

He is held in our hearts.
except when that gleam was in his eye,
laidback humor,
but quick to razz you,
active thoughts on life,
never ruffled, 
always a story.

I am thankful I knew you.
You taught me to look at both sides 
and to always see the humor.
You are a wonderful man.
You raised a remarkable son.
You will be missed and forever in my heart.

Gene Fuller 1929-2016