Sunday, April 23, 2017

Easy come and easy go...

We went fishing yesterday.  We caught several catfish and a few mooneyes.  My husband had the biggest fish of the day.  It was a very enjoyable way to spend a Saturday morning. 

Sunday was nice and sunny.  I cleaned the flower beds then planted some carrots, lettuce, and spinach.  Finally, I tackled the job I'd been dreading all winter, putting a border around the windmill.  It turned out pretty good.  I will get some fill and plant a plethora of orange flowers.  

 My daffodils are putting on a show.  I absolutely love how the sun shines through their petals.
 I wish you could have heard this bumble bee.  The trumpet of the daffodil was like a speaker and his buzzing was heard loud and clear.  I love getting close ups of bees.  Especially when you can see the pollen on their legs.  If you look closely the bees knees are full.
 These crocus are very cheery.  I'm afraid they won't last long as we are supposed to get snow tomorrow.

 As I was writing this post, this jackrabbit entertained my husband and I.  He went up the road and down the road.  Through the garden then just sat forever at the edge of the lawn.  We couldn't help but wonder what he was thinking.  
It was difficult to hold back from planting my seedlings.  I have to keep reminding myself it is only April.  These are the same crocuses around this time last year.   Easy come easy go.  I'm not even going to pretend it isn't going to snow.  I'm sure it will.  I hope everyone is enjoying nice weather.  Do you have snow in your future?


  1. I love your windmill. A plume of summer orange blooms underneath would be perfect. No snow forcasted here in the PNW. We are inching past the last frost date (typically) but if you check our weather radar, look at the moisture 'plume' that will be hitting the Oregon coast. And I thought it was wet already. Hoping there is no snow in your future!

  2. I like watching bees, too. It is funny when rabbits just "freeze". We don't get jackrabbits very much, but lots of little cottontails. I hope your snow is brief!! -Jenn

  3. my neighbor put in his tomatoes so all is good for planting. He is 84 and pretty knowledgeable of patterns.I would like to try a mooneye with my fly rod.I have only been out twice, for trout.Morels haunt me and that is all I want to do.

  4. My daffodils starting blooming in early March and were just about gone by Easter. I so enjoyed seeing your bright yellow ones! We're rainy today, but since I've done some new plantings, it's a good thing. I know the long, hot, humid summer is just around the corner!

  5. April weather~ ah yes. I got to play out in the dirt yesterday for a little while. I had laundry on the line and decided I would take it in and throw it in the dryer. I wasn't quick enough and ended up pulling it off the line in a down-pour:) I love your bee pix. They are sure fun creatures watch.

  6. It is set to turn colder here this week but I am hoping snow doesn't make it as far as us.

  7. No more snow in our future here in MD I hope. Rainy here today and cooler, but 80º weather on the way for later this week. Spring has arrived and is moving aside for summer very quickly.

  8. Bonnie,
    I can't believe you have flowers blooming. Fun! I see the flowers in my wild flower garden are green and just getting started. There are a few blooms on the prairie, sweet peas and another tiny flower.

    Yes, snow is in the forecast. Possibly Tuesday. They are talking temperatures in the 40's maybe 50 for up here for the next 2 weeks.

    Stay warm in the Hills.

  9. Your fishing was a success! Catfish are usually pretty big! (I had to look up the other fish.) Your windmill border looks great. That is a neat picture of that bee! Pretty colors. Andrea

  10. I love those bee pictures. What a interesting bumblebee. Your flowers are so pretty. I really like what you did with your windmill. It sounds all so nice. I don't know if we will have snow, but this has been such a great winter we might.

    You asked about my rug and how long does it take to do a rug? Depending on the time of year, in the spring, it might take me a month. In the summer when its over 100 I can do two or even three a month. It just depends on my garden. :) I think this kind of rug hooking is more fun than latch hook but that could be just me. I like dyeing wool and all the stuff that goes with it.
    Have a great week. I hope you don't get any snow.

  11. It snowed here all day. We accumulated about 6" but who knows how much continually melted beneath? Good, wet stuff. I'm hoping the snowy blanket keeps plants underneath protected from the cold temps we're supposed to get. Love your daffys and bees.

  12. Our temperatures have been from the 70s to low 90s already. I'm thinking summer is going to be even hotter, but the garden looks great. Your flowers are beautiful and I know those daffodils bring a smile to your face, XOXO


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