Sunday, April 30, 2017

We're committed now...

It wasn't a warm weekend.  In fact, it was quite chilly.  That didn't stop me from planting some of my seedlings in the greenhouse.  It is supposed to warm up.   If the temperature does dip, I have a little heater.   I planted tomatoes, pumpkins,  luffas, and a few broccoli plants.   I'm not really that committed,  there are still seedlings in flats and continue to bring them in and out.  There are tomato seedlings coming out my ears. Somehow they seem to have popped up all through my seed starts. The lettuce and spinach I planted is also coming up.  I'm hoping they are staggered enough from the ones that are up already. Last year I had horrible luck with trying to stagger plantings.  It got too warm too quickly and things didn't come up.  My lettuce and spinach was ready in early spring and that was it for the rest of the summer. 
 I planted a sunflower with the pumpkins.  My hope is the pumpkins will crawl up the sunflower and out the window.  It has been done before.  Now looking at this photo, I see a little tomato coming up under the pumpkin leaf.  They are determined buggers.
I added soil and seeds to the windmill bed.  A few irises were also transplanted.  I am very pleased with the outcome.  Lawrence County e-mailed this week and my plants were in. Three apricots, 5 lilacs, and 5 raspberries were promptly planted.  My orchard is complete.  It has apples, pears, cherries, currants, gooseberries, buffalo berries, plums, sand cherries, nanking cherries, juneberries, chokecherries, blackberries, raspberries, and grapes.  The only plants that haven't produced yet are the sand cherries, plums, gooseberries, chokecherries, and buffalo berries.  They had a major set back when the blizzard Atlas flattened everything. 
I wish you could see the trees better.  Everything just blends in.  It looks great.  Things aren't leafed out yet.  They are being smart and waiting until the chance of frost is past.
  I have a dream that someday we will have a lilac hedge.  Lilacs don't seem to like it here.  Probably because they need full sun and that is somewhat difficult to find in a forest.  Despite the shade in the picture, this is the sunniest spot on the property.  After planting my little twigs, I surrounded them with wire to keep the deer away.  

Not much else is happening in our neck of the woods.  I was somewhat glad for the cool temperatures.  It helped to motivate me to get a majority of my spring cleaning done.  Are you planting your garden?  Are you done with your spring cleaning?  


  1. That is a fantastic little orchard you have! It's going to be fabulous once it all starts producing (and you're going to be busy!) -Jenn

  2. Spring cleaning - now what is that? :-)

  3. I have flats going in and out right now too:) Also, got green beans planted this weekend ~ hopefully it's not too early.

  4. I was good with your questions...until you asked about spring cleaning! @#$*! Just kidding...I did some serious cleaning when I did my "40 bags in 40 days" project early in the spring. My windows still aren't washed, though. I've planted some zinnias, onions and green beans in my garden. It should warm up quickly here now, but I'm still waiting to put out my tomatoes. I hope your orchard thrives...nothing like fresh home grown goodies!!

  5. Going at a day in the garden maybe tomorrow. It has rained for 3 days so I visited some greenhouses.

  6. Soon you will have lush plants/trees! I love lilacs! I just planted a pitifully small lilac from Burpee and a deer already came up and nibbled on my couple of leaves. (This is the last time I order from that company as their plants are too small and too expensive). Otherwise, neighbors have lilacs galore right now. Andrea

  7. Your orchard sounds incredible. So many wonderful things. How nice you have your tomatoes planted. A skunk dug up my peppers yesterday. They were really liking our hot weather too.
    I hope you get a lilac hedge. Its too hot here but I keep trying with lilacs. Planting gardens are always just so positive. Mine is going in this weekend. I am on pins and needles.
    I hope you have a lovely week.

  8. Your orchard is amazing. Fruit trees have a tough go of it where I live. My plum is about to blossom so maybe it'll provide a little fruit if it pollinates. The apple and cherry are getting ready to blossom too. Thankful they are waiting too.

    My favorite prairie fruit is the rhubarb. It's always reliable. Making rhubarb pie today!


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