Sunday, May 21, 2017


My flowers have been amazing this spring.

The birds have had amazing colors.

The wildlife is amazed with each other.

Most of all, I'm married to an amazing man.  He is always making me flower beds.

 It looks warm, but it was actually quite cold, thus, the hat.

I am thankful to live in such an amazing world surrounded by beauty and married to someone who spoils me. 

What is blooming at your home?  What birds are you seeing?  Any weekend projects?  Despite the cold weekend.  I was able to enjoy it.


  1. Your flowers are lovely and all the many birds . . . you have so many colorful ones, I'm amazed.
    Happy Spring!
    Connie :)
    P.S. Love your barn!

  2. Oh so pretty! I love muscari and the forget-me-nots! And the beautiful wildlife...some birds I've never seen. And the turkeys and deer. We had a flock of turkeys last fall but I haven't seen them since. Now I see why you had a turkey hunt! Looks like such a nice time with your relatives. Your husband does a great job with his woodworking. Andrea

  3. You are right about it being amazing. What are all those birds? I only recognized the mourning dove, turkey and goldfinch.

  4. You have some lovely blooms. It seemed to stay winter longer with you, but that is your alpine weather. I like the higher flower beds, keeps them away from rabbits better and easier to work with.

  5. Amazing was as good word to describe everything in your post! I love your raised beds...they look so tidy and I like the rustic look as well. We have too many cats around to draw many songbirds, but I do have a family of house finches that are raising families in my hanging begonia baskets. I love hearing their cheery song outside my kitchen windows!

  6. Its all so beautiful. I love that newest flowerbed. The one in front is just amazing. Everything looks so colorful. You took such wonderful photos. I hope you have a wonderful week. This morning I was picking berries. The blue jays, think they are their property so I was scolded so bad.

  7. i love your home, it's really beautiful!!

    we are way ahead of you as far as blooming flowers and trees - i am seeing roses now!! i see male house finches and goldfinches but none of those colorful birds you are seeing, i can't even identify those colorful birds, they are new to me!! we had lots of fun this past weekend, next weekend, we will plant!!!

  8. Your birds are very different to the ones in our garden and our spring flowers are now all over. Our stars at the moment are irises. I love your forget-me-nots.

  9. You have such a wide variety of birds. Jealous! Your pretty flower boxes are so pretty this spring. I hope you are getting some warmer temps to be able to sit out and enjoy the evenings. Before we know it, the veggies will demand all of our time!

  10. Oh! The forget-me-nots are beautiful! I don't have those here. I've seen a Scarlet Tanager just one time several years ago here, and I suppose he was passing through to go to your house for the summer. Sure is looking gorgeous around your place. My granddaughter spotted a couple Lazuli Buntings yesterday. So fun.

  11. I do have to comment on the photographs of the birds. AMAZING! Such beautiful colours. I wouldn't know their names and most likely I have never seen them.
    Red Robins are very common in our gardens and once I saw a Kingfisher = that's all. :)

  12. Things are sure looking beautiful there .So good to see your still blogging . After getting locked out of my blog years back I took to Instagram in frustration , but have missed my blogger buddies . Now that Honey Bee has a bit of a blog ,I thought I's pop in on all my old buddies and say "Hello" . Loving the photos of the turkey with the deer , such gray captures!


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