Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Gone fishing, hunting, hiking, bowling, card playing, and vacationing...

Spring turkey hunting is a Fuller family tradition.   Our nephew came from Minnesota with his family and Kelly's mother for a family vacation.  Since the kids missed school, homework dictated the 5 year old keep a journal of the weeks activities.  He had a lot to write about.  We kept them all busy. Tradition also dictates that the weather is horrible while they visit.  Luckily, this time we had a great amount of sunshine. 
On Friday we drove to South Dakota.

On Saturday we hiked around Devil's Tower.  Then we seen prairie dogs.

 After a long road trip, we went hiking the next day.  I chose Devil's Tower, but this time we took the shorter route.  I learned from last year's mistakes.  It was a nice hike and we saw many rock climbers.  We enjoyed a picnic lunch afterwards.  Then we drove the scenic route home making a stop at the 100 year old store in Aladdin.  Meanwhile, the men had a successful turkey hunt.  

On Sunday we went to Friendship Tower. Then we played giant Jenga.

 Monday the men had another successful turkey hunt.  When they returned we all hiked to the Friendship Tower at Mt. Roosevelt.  We went out for a nice Mother's Day dinner and then the games began.  We played giant Jenga and bean bag toss.  Later that night we played a mean game of Deer in the Headlights.  The worst part is the game was only for ages 8 and up and we were all beaten by a five year old.  
On Monday we went cat fishing.

 We had another successful fishing trip.  Everyone caught fish.  It started slow, but things picked up.  We even caught the turtle that has been living quite well robbing our bait.  The turtle did get a reprieve.  Afterward, we enjoyed a catfish dinner.  Not as good as my mom's, but we tried.  Then a few more rounds of Deer in the Headlights.  
On Tuesday we went bowling because it rained all day.
 Bad weather finally caught us, but it didn't slow us down.  The ladies went antiquing.  We found all sorts of treasures for garden decor.  Then we went bowling.  Unfortunately, nobody got a turkey.  It was sad to see their vacation end.  We enjoyed the company.  Ella enjoyed all of the attention.  It is always good to spend time with family.   
Do you have any visitors coming?  What activities do you enjoy with company?  


  1. What a fun week. Yes, company coming here on the 2nd for 5 nights: daughter son in law, and two granddaughters. We will have a baby shower for younger daughter on the 4th so more family to come by on that day and meet the youngest granddaughter who didn't make it here for Christmas this year.

  2. I love those journal pages followed by the photos! Sounds like a fun visit.

  3. Life at your house sounds like great fun! :) You have some really neat places to see...someday I hope to see a few of them myself.
    I love the "kid writing"!

  4. How fun and I love the drawings of what fun you guys had and all that you did. I think it was a perfect family time. Plus all of the turkey's that you got. Have a lovely rest of the week.

  5. what a great time, family is nice to have

  6. Great post! I love the drawings a lot :)


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