Sunday, June 4, 2017

Always interesting...

For the first time in a few years, we heard a distant drumming this spring.  I love hearing the grouse drum.  One year we had a grouse that drummed night and day.  He was awesome.  He found love and my husband and I were lucky enough to see him find a mate and watch them dance.  Things had been pretty slow on the grouse front since the Atlas blizzard.   It is great to have them back again.  I made it a point to do a photo safari and get some photos of our forest musician.
  He is winding up for the drum roll.
 Here I am ladies.
 King of the forest.
 One more time, in case my music was missed.
I hope he finds a date, as he is a handsome fellow. 
 My iceland poppies are popping.
 Unfortunately, the weekend wasn't all summer fun.  While sitting on the porch enjoying the day, I caught sight of this fellow coming down the road.  
 I grabbed Ella's collar and tried to get a few photos with my phone.  I was shaking and afraid I would be like that guy that was killed by bears and the dummy took photos the whole time the bears came after him.  I texted my husband in the house and told him to look out the window.  The lion watched Ella and I for about five minutes before ambling off into the woods.  Ella didn't see it until it moved into the woods.  She hasn't left the yard without one of us right next to her.  It is always amazing to see these creatures, but it is also pretty unnerving.  I am again sidelined from jogging.  Luckily they tend to roam, so I'm sure it will move on in a week or two.  Hopefully, sooner as the does are about to drop their fawns any day.  

Are there any monsters in your woods? What was your scariest experience?  Do you have grouse?  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.


  1. That's incredible!! I'm glad you aren't out jogging with that in your neighbourhood! The grouse must be fantastic to hear, too. -Jenn

  2. Wish I did have grouse. You can keep that lion.We had one take 4 sheep before it left last year.

  3. I loved the pictures you were able to get of the grouse. That is so cool. Now, seeing the mountain lion, scary. So scary. He looks way to interested watching you.
    I wish we had grouse. That is something I have always wanted to see and hear. I don't have really any scary stories. Since we have set our game camera up I am seeing things I never even knew lived our here. But nothing like your adventures. Have a wonderful week.

  4. That was scary for you. We don't really have any scary animals prowling around here in the UK. Just the odd rumour about escaped big cats. It's mainly folklore more than anything else. We do have grouse in the UK but they seem to be mainly confined to Scotland so not around us I'm afraid.

  5. Beautiful grouse. We have Sage Grouse here, but the leks are a few miles away from us. We do see the females and their young in summer.

    That lion freaks me out. Beautiful, but to be respected.

    Rattlesnakes are my scary thing. I walked up on one one time in the pasture while out for a stroll.

  6. Well that was pretty remarkable ~ the gorgeous grouse photos and that mountain lion sighting ! Stay safe my friend . Whew no mountain lions here but a few years back a bear moseyed down from somewhere which was very odd for our area , he even ended up swimming the cape Cod Canal (true story) and they had to trap him and take him back to the Bear areas" back towards the New Hampshire line .

  7. we've had a fox in our yard, but hopefully mountain lions stay in the mountains!


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