Sunday, June 25, 2017

Bats, Birds, Bucks, and Baking...

I don't like to sit still.  I always have a project in the back of my mind.  This week I was able to cross a few projects off of my list.  I made a bat house, bird house, square foot templates, a butterfly feeder, and spray painted my plant supports.  Pinterest has helped me reach my goals. These are projects I have wanted to do for years.  With Pinterest I can find the project that best suits my needs.

I have always wanted to build a bat house. We have plenty of leftover lumber.  I found the plans at:  Of course, I adjusted them a bit.  I will stain it next weekend and put it up for my resident bat.  I have one little bat that lives in our shed. 

 I also used scraps to make a chickadee house.  It was my favorite project.  The plan was simple.  I used one board to make the whole birdhouse.  There really aren't any plans for it.  The was a picture with measurements and it didn't go to any specific link.  I 'winged' it.   The square foot planters is a questionable project.  I like the square foot method of planting, but am not very patient or precise.   When I saw these square foot templates I had to try it.  I cut the boards into perfect square feet, measured according to the templates, and then drilled screws into each board.  Then screwed on the many used corks that have been laying around.  I painted it and added handles.  I got the idea from a pin that is blocked.  The templates for spacing are at:

I also set up a makeshift spray painting booth to paint my tomato cages and rebar supports.  Then I spray painted a little jar lid and poked a hole in the lid to make this butterfly feeder.  After the paint dried, I stuffed a sponge in the hole and put sugar water in the jar.  I made a harness for it and hung it from a branch.  So far, I haven't seen a butterfly near it.  I was skeptical when I made it, but had to try.  I will let you know if it works.
 The birds are nesting everywhere.  They are in the paperbox and on the porch.  You have to be careful, because you never know where they are.  We had a pleasant surprise yesterday when our resident turkey hen wandered through with her seven poults.  It was so much fun watching the little ones speed around after bugs and seeds. 

 He is so cute.

 The bucks have been scarce as they are resting quietly while their antlers grow.  We were able to see a few here and there.

I also did a lot of baking this week.  My college friend, Jody, stopped by with her mother.  It was a great visit.   My only regret is that a cold wind blew the whole time they were here, thus, no coffee and Danish on the porch.  Of course, we did have it in the cabin.  Time flew while they were here.  It was great catching up with them both.  
 Well, the sun sets an a wonderful week.  I was happy to get so much accomplished and thankful for the time spent with my husband and friends.   I have wanted to try several of those projects for years.  Have you crossed off any projects this summer that have been on your to do list for a long time?  Is there one you would like to do before the summer is over?


  1. What great projects you've crossed off your list! The brightly colored rebar supports will look great with your tomato plants. That Danish -- yumm! I love that recipe and so does everyone else here!

    Those baby turkeys are so adorable!

  2. So, if I am understanding this right, the corks create dents in the ground and that is where you plant? Neat, I've never seen anything like that. I love seeing those deer pictures, and the turkeys. We have a lot of turkeys around here. I often see them crossing the road driving back and forth to work. You bake your own Danish? Oh my!! -Jenn

  3. My main project for the rest of the summer is to have fun. Nothing in the works really, I have one more master gardener group to speak to.

  4. Wonderful accomplishments! You're always inspiring me to get at the things I've left undone. I've never seen a young turkey up close, though we have flocks of them around here. They're actually very cute! Love the Danish......yum.

  5. Ypu have had a busy and productive week. WE have managed a few projects that we have wanted to do for a while allotmentwise. Today it was giving the shed a complete clean out. Nothing like as interesting as your projects.

  6. Bonnie,

    Sounds like you have been enjoying your summer thus far. It's always fun to cross some projects off the wish list and/or to-do list. Yea for coffee and fresh baking shared with friends!

    Your flower blooms from your last post are gorgeous!

  7. Well you've covered everything! Love the photos and the cherry desserts look yummy!

  8. What a nice week! I love that you have been building. That turkey is awesome. The bucks look wonderful to with their new antlers.
    Your gardens are wonderful and I have been craving danish. Yours looks amazing.

    You asked about my garden? I work out there every day. Because we don't get rain now until November, its not that hard. My husband had these hoses that go to one plant. When I plant seeds I plant right next to the water. That way there isn't water every where. This year I have everything really mulched. I am trying that to keep the plants covered and its working so well. Lets see how it is in August though. :) I enjoyed your projects, I can't wait to hear about how your jar works for the butterflies.

  9. Thank you! Those are brilliant!!!


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