Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hawks, hummingbirds, hazelnuts and a herb harvest...

This beautiful hawk has been around here for a very long time.  She was looking for chipmunks this week and spent a lot of time by the house.  I was lucky enough to get some good photos of her.  I don't mind that she is here.  I am sure she will get a bird or two from my feeder, but that is nature.
    I am very pleased with this photo of my hummingbird.  Both the hummingbird and the hawk have been super noisy.  The hawk spent all day in the tree screeching and the hummingbird spends its days in that tree chastising everything in the neighborhood.  
 The squirrels are going nuts over the wild hazelnuts.  It has been fun watching them go back and forth from the nuts to their nest.  It is obvious they think winter is coming, based on their activity.
 On the garden front I dug up the garlic and onions.  I also clipped my basil, oregano, parsley, and rosemary.  My garlic harvest was abysmal.   They never became big bulbs.  Instead I had a bunch of little individual cloves.  It took forever to clean them up.  My hands smell of garlic.  

 I have been dying to try this idea I've seen on pinterest for preserving herbs.  First, I chopped up my basil and oregano.  Then in an ice cube tray I put two cloves of garlic and added a teaspoon of basil, and oregano.  Finally, I poured olive oil over the top and put the tray in the freezer.  When I brown my burger or chicken, I will pop one of these little powerballs into the pan and hope for a burst of flavor.  I'll keep you updated on this project.

  I hope everyone is enjoying the wildlife around them.  Has anyone tried the olive oil and herb cubes?  I was not happy with the garlic I planted.  Does anyone have a recommendation?


  1. Wow! Beautiful wildlife shots! What a bummer about your garlic. I need to harvest mine.

  2. Beautiful picture of that hawk. You know I just read the 20 signs of a hard winter by the Farmer's Almanac and squirrels gathering nuts like that is one. Have you seen woolie worms with wide orange bands too?
    I would love to try that ice cube trick. That looks like a winner. I have never been able to grow big garlic. I wish I knew the secret too.
    I have new birds coming through on migration. So lots of new bird sounds that I can't identify yet. I have seen a big hawk in the trees so that is always a thrill though not able to get good shots of him as you are that one that has been in your neighborhood. Lovely post. Have a lovely week.

  3. Lovely bird photos. I always imagined hummingbirds would be quite birds. I haven't tried freezing herbs in oil but I have frozen some fresh leaves this year for the first time. I wonder whether chopped and in a smidgeon of stock would work Ii've given up on growing garlic.

  4. the hawk still looks hungry. They seem to visit at a regular time.Got my cougar back, it is eating too well

  5. Do you plant your garlic in the fall so it has time to grow before it winters over? The directions I followed said to plant in the fall at least a month (I think) before first frost. Mulch with straw over winter then in the spring it continues to grow until July. Be sure to harvest the scapes that appear in the late spring. You know when to harvest when it yellows. Pull it out, let dry in the sun then dry in she;treed areas for a month. It worked for me for many years. My garlic planting days are over now though. Better luck next year. Oh, I purchased my garlic for planting from Fedco in Maine. Saved a few big heads then for the next year's planting.

  6. Great nature shots! I love the ice cubed herbs idea! I hope it works out..seems perfect. I have Anna hummers that hang out all year. Noisey buggers..but nothing compared to the Rufus hummers that migrate up. They crack me up as they chase each other around. I try to remind them not to bite the hand that feeds when they dive bomb me...but it falls on deaf ears. Cheers!


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