Sunday, August 27, 2017

Summer slowly disapates into fall...

I am keeping busy as summer slowly disapates into fall.  I am getting a gaggle of produce from the garden.  Finally, the tomatoes are turning.  I have banana peppers galore.
Of course, this means canning.  I made pickled peppers and cucumber jelly.  I have to admit the cucumber jelly is one of my favorites.  It is best on Tricuts with cream cheese.
Do you see my new picnic basket?  It is huge.  I found it at a garage sale for $8.  I am adding another niece to my picnics next year, so I need a bigger basket.  You can't pass it up for that price.
I got a quick shot of my turkey parade.  I am so lucky to live somewhere where the wildlife just wanders by.
 This is my solar eclipse sunflower.  I don't know what kind it is but it is sure pretty.
I got enough sweetgrass for eight braids.  I will show you the finished product in the next post.  Harvesting has been keeping me busy.  I still find time to relax on the porch. What are you harvesting?  I think my crabapples are next.  Know any good recipes?


  1. Love your "new" picnic basket! My did likes crabapple jelly. You can also make your own pectin from them. We're kinda in between harvests - still getting some green beans and waiting for our tomatoes to start turning. Have a great evening.

  2. Our tomatoes are at last ripening too. The sunflower looks lovely - slugs ate mine :-(

  3. Peaches are still coming in and I want to do some plum and blueberry jam. Tomatoes have been plentiful and I have a recipe for Tomato Jam as well as a Chutney I want to try. I love Pepper Jelly and have been experimenting putting some Sriracha in some of my Jams.

  4. I am getting phased out on BLT's. Lots of tomatoes still, grilled okra last night and it was real good.Had a garden potluck last night so tried a few items that were everyones favorites

  5. Sweet grass braids sound lovely!
    Oh, I do like the turkey parade, too!
    You DO live in a pretty place, Bonnie!

  6. Cucumber jelly? I've never heard of it...but fresh cucumbers and cream cheese go well with triscuits, so why not?! I love that sunflower too, by the way!
    I'm still deep into tomatoes here. My cucumber and zucchini plants died, so I only got one small batch of pickles and a couple of meals with sauteed zucchini. Bummed about that one.

  7. Your garden produce looks wonderful! I've only got a handful of ripe tomatoes, but I think they are soon to ripen. Probably all at once. You've been busy canning too! I made peach jam and then plum jam from my tree.

    Your turkey parade is funny! Love the sweet grass. I don't know if I have ever smelled it. Do you ever burn it like incense?


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