Sunday, March 11, 2018

I'm in...

I am not a fan of March: snow, melt, ice, snow, melt, and ice.  Ella and I have been doing a lot of snowshoeing to get outside.  Once in awhile we get to sit on the porch, but it is only for a day.
Yesterday was a blizzard. and today was beautiful.  I couldn't take it any longer, so I shoveled and chipped my way into the greenhouse.
You guessed it.  The smell of earth was too powerful.  I had to plant something.  Lettuce, spinach, and bok choy were in the ground before I knew what I was doing.  
Labeling clothes pins and using them to group seeds has made planting easier.  The square foot planting template also worked great.  I planted several different types of lettuce.  We will see which is the hardiest.  Odds are good nothing will come up, but you never know.  
It was very warm and dry in the greenhouse.  I hauled water from the house and watered my little salad patch.

I also watered my little experimental carrot patch.  I planted these carrots last fall.  We'll see if they revive in the spring.  I had some success with this last year.

We had some horrendous winds earlier this week.  The wind actually snapped my sign in half.  I am very unhappy about that.  I know it tipped a semi on the interstate, but really, did it have to snap my favorite sign?

The sun sets on another weekend.  I am so ready to be outside gardening.  I guess the best I can do is focus on the greenhouse.  Do you have anything growing?  


  1. What I can plant right now goes under snow, but have everything ready for starting my indoor seeds next weekend. Say, what are the up-ended bottles for? I'm intrigued 🤔

  2. I bet that felt so good to get your fingers in the dirt again! Your greenhouse looks so welcoming! Nothing in the ground yet in my garden, but I've been seeing onion sets going out the door at our local Amish store! I wouldn't doubt that there are some eager gardeners who are starting this early!

  3. It’s very wet here, even in the greenhouse as some panes of glass have slipped.

  4. I went out to the greenhouse many times this winter saying I was just going to see how my overwintering plants were doing, and came back in two hours later having sowed another flat of seeds. The smell of warm soil is irresistible. I almost hesitate to say it but we had great weather this weekend, I think it hit 70 on Saturday and I was out there digging in the soil and planting things in the garden. I hope your seeds sprout well and thrive, and that the snow and ice melt well and good soon.

  5. We just had the ground plowed. I know I am not saying that right, I think the word is disk. It looks yummy, so I know what you mean by just having to smell the earth. It just makes me happy to be able to see all of that lovely brown and know that soon I will be able to plant some seeds. My daughter was here yesterday telling me what kinds of things she wants in the garden this year. I always like a reason to plant more things don't you? My husband's Japanese maples are all covered in tiny red leaves. That is about it around here. I hope your snow doesn't stay around very long. I hope you have a lovely week.

  6. No planting here, but I did repot a houseplant. It would be great if your salad garden started up early. The morning skies are beautiful, aren't they?


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