Sunday, March 25, 2018

birds, birds, birds...

I had hundreds of birds at the feeders this weekend.  The crossbills hog the feeders and the red polls eat all the seeds the crossbills drop.  I bet there were at least 75 crossbills and 50 red polls.  Then add the chickadees, juncos, red breasted nuthatches, white breasted nuthatches, and 4 blue jays.  It made for a pretty busy day at the feeder.

I am trying to patiently wait out March and April.  It was beautiful on Saturday and then snowed on Sunday.  Snowshoeing or hiking isn't much fun, as the snow is so rotten Ella and I fall through.  It is especially hard on Ella's old joints.  Two more months.  

What birds are you seeing? 


  1. Wow! Are you on some kind of flight path?? I've never seen that many birds at a feeder at once! -Jenn

  2. The mass of birds on the feeder is amazing.

  3. That’s a lot of birds. You must have the only source of seeds for miles around and the news has spread.

  4. Wow!! I love seeing all of those wonderful birds. That is so cool to see them all eating.


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