Sunday, April 22, 2018


The weather was super warm, the sun was shining, and I was busy.  
 I started quite a few of my seeds.  I tried some new things; strawberry spinach, artichokes, cabbage, califlower, and cutting celery.  I planted more lettuce and peas in the greenhouse.  A few weeks ago I started some lettuce, bok choy, and spinach.  Most of it came up. I think some of my seeds are past their prime, as I notice one the of lettuce strains didn't germinate.  The strawberry bed is ready for the plants I ordered.  I also planted some potatoes.  They should do fine since the ones I put in the worm bin won't stop trying to grow.
 Today I heard my first frog.  It is somewhere in this mud puddle.  I could have kissed it.  Not because I'm looking for prince charming (I already found him), but to celebrate spring is finally here.

 My husband is working on a large wood project in the barn.  This means scrap lumber.  I made three bird houses out of leftover wood.  Two chickadee houses and one robin house.  I took down my bumblebee/chipmunk house and put up the little house I made last year. They need stained, but I'm happy with the results.  For scraps they turned out pretty good. 
It was a busy weekend.  I was overjoyed to get out and enjoy the sunshine. The greenhouse was in the 100 degree range.  It was like a sauna.  Hopefully, I will get some tenants in my new housing development.  How many bird houses do you have?  Are you planting anything new in your vegetable garden?


  1. The sun came out for us too so we have been planting potatoes and sowing seeds. Those are very desirable properties for some lucky birds.

  2. Sunshine, especially after a looooonnng winter, is a cure for all ills, in my book! We had two beautiful spring days this weekend but the rain is to come back tomorrow. Oh well...
    I haven't planted a thing in my garden yet, but my parents next door have, and my dad reported last evening that his radishes are peeping through!

  3. It was a spring day here on Sunday and our walk to the lake let us see all the woodland wildflowers. Nice work on those critter houses.

  4. I had 54 made and placed as of this last weekend. I want to put more, but don't think I would get much action.

  5. Yay for spring! Don’t you love “scraps?” Your birdhouses look great.

  6. I love your bird houses. I am so glad you had nice sunny weather.
    I don't have a single bird house. I do have two bat houses, but I don't ever look to see if they have occupants.
    I love that you heard a frog. There is something special about hearing your first frog of spring. Have a wonderful week.

  7. I'm looking forward to sunshine and warmer days! Love your bird houses and I hope you have tenants soon.


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