Sunday, June 3, 2018

Jackpot at the prairie pothole...

I had to make a quick trip to Pierre on business.   I took my camera along in hopes of having a moment to stop and catch a few photos.  The prairie potholes are full of ducks and other bird species.  I only got a chance to stop once, but it turned out to be a jackpot.

Northern Pintail
 Northern Shoveler
 Blue Winged Teal
 More of the handsome Northern Shovler
 Ringnecked Pheasant 
 A party at the prairie pothole.  Isn't that a pretty picture?  Everything is so green.
 Western Meadowlark
 I saw a Mourning Dove in Pierre and like a hundred of them on the drive there and back.
I didn't just spend the week driving around the countryside. My husband and I came up with a creative curtain rod and curtain for our bathroom.
 The ends are brass door knobs.  The rod and the knob below were part of a garden stake I had someone make years ago.  My husband drilled out the other door knob and positioned it so you could see the decorative top better.  The curtain is actually an old hammock.  It matched the walls wonderfully.  Once again something old is new again.
The primroses are blooming like crazy.
 A bumblebee on allium.

I have waited all winter for these precious days on the porch.  Life is perfect from the porch.  I was asked how many birds I have logged so far this year.  If you look at the top of my blog, under the main picture there is a folder called 2018 birding list.  That is where I am keeping a log of my Great Year.  I am currently up to 40 species.  I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather.


  1. It is so nice to have the kind of weather where you can enjoy sitting on the porch, isn't it? That is an impressive amount of bird sightings. Your primroses are gorgeous - that is one flower that I have never had. -Jenn

  2. Ooooh...I love the curtain and curtain rod! Repurposing old things is so much fun, and can be addicting! :) I like all of your bird pictures (as usual) but am especially liking the western meadowlark, caught mid-sing!

  3. What a day for discovery, the Shovelers have moved into my area in the last 10 years real strong. Like them all, and Ella on the porch.

  4. You did score at the pothole! We've been seeing the night hawks now and also the Eastern and Western Kingbirds. It's "miller time" and those birds love to catch the moths. It's great that you've been able to catch the birds by camera. My list does not have many photos, but I have the photos in my mind! Happy (almost) Summer!

  5. You got so many great pictures! I loved seeing all of them. Your curtain is wonderful. I have two old glass door knobs, I should do something like that. I think it was genius.
    Yes, the porches call ones name don't they? I have spent so much time this year just fooling with them and rearranging. Its so nice to have them. I bet yours is wonderfully quiet. I love visiting today.

  6. What an amazing array of birds, and great photos! I love the curtain, repurposing the doorknobs was really ingenious. I have a very tiny front porch, but if I ever do remodel our hut, I would love a much bigger one. Someday..........:-)


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