Sunday, August 5, 2018

It's August?

Your guess is as good as mine.  I think it is a waxwing that lost it's cap.  He was feasting on chokecherries.  Another for my list.
It is busy season for me.  I've been picking current, goose berries, and tons of raspberries.  Everything is getting frozen until they could be processed into either wine or jam.  My garden is pathetic.  Peppers and peas are my only harvest, so far.  I do finally have some tomatoes setting on.
This is one of the few blooms I have. The deer decimated the garden early this spring and it never recovered.

I'm very happy with my new additions to the rose bed.  I spent the whole weekend weeding.    I'm finally caught up.  There wasn't much else to do as it is motorcycle rally week and going anywhere isn't worth the effort.
Finally the does are bringing their fawns out.  We had a set of twins behind the cabin today.   They were fun to watch, but not very photogenic.
I saw this great horned owl when I went to get the girls.  I was in a hurry, but turned around to get this shot.  I figured I wouldn't get another chance for an owl.
I can't believe it is August.  Time for jam and garden produce.  What are you harvesting?


  1. That's too bad about the deer eating your plants. Your roses are pretty, though. My garden is doing very well this year because I made a point of using a lot of compost. That owl picture is amazing!! -Jenn

  2. Love the owl shot! It looks so regal, sitting there on that post. I made my first batch of salsa over the weekend with tomatoes and peppers from my garden. My zucchini did horrible this year...too much rain knocked off the blossoms...they're even scarce at roadside stands, and that never happens!

  3. Love the shot of the Great Horned Owl. I can't get over how much lighter his feathers are compared to the ones we have here in our woods. Ours are very dark feathered. It's the same with the Snowy Owls. Yours are nearly white-white, and ours resemble more the coloring of your GHO above. So interesting how nature adapts - probably due to your greater snowfall than what we experience in mid-Missouri.

  4. August is one of our busy harvesting months so we are harvesting lots of different things. So lucky to see the owl and I hope that the doe doesn't bring the twins for tea.

  5. I'm guessing but I think your bird may be some kind of Shrike. I love your blog and I think your log home is awesome!

  6. I love that shot of the owl. I was wondering isn't that a Shrike. We used to have a huge flock of them out here. I just love all kinds of owls.
    Your shot of the flower and he bee is awesome. My garden has not done well at all and I think my flowers are about burned up.
    It is so pretty around your place. I hope it stays warm for you. Just a bit longer at least. Have a nice week.

  7. Hi Bonnie! Oh, how lovely! An owl! I want to see one! Thank you for taking such a fantastic photo.

  8. I think your cedar waxwing is a juvenile, don't you? You got a great owl shot! For your peaches....I like peach preserves (jam) and then put it on that Danish Pastry you make! YUM!


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