Sunday, August 12, 2018

Well, we survived another motorcycle rally.  It is never a sure thing.  It seems like people get out here and forget how to drive. It is an extremely stressful week.  
I haven't had much from the garden.  Peas and peppers are all I've been harvesting.  I did get lots of currants, cherries, and gooseberries.  I had a bumper crop of sand cherries.  They aren't anything to write home about, but after eight years of work I'm picking the darn things and making them into something.  Most of my berries go to wine or jam.  I'm expecting a peck of peaches this week. That will keep me busy.

I'm afraid it was a pretty slow weekend. Did have one big project, but can't get the photos to download.  I will have to show you next week.

I hope your harvests are better than mine.  Any ideas for my peaches?


  1. You have your own peaches? Lucky you! I used to can them, but it's a sticky, time consuming project, one that I haven't tackled in a few summers. I know what you mean about people forgetting how to drive! We get sooooo many tourists, and they seem to forget that people live here and have to get to work, etc, and it drives us crazy sometimes!

  2. I hope that you have a quieter week.

  3. Hi Bonnie,
    Ugh motorcycles!! My garden hasn't done worth a darn this year. The fruit hasn't been that good either. I hope all of the rest of you fruit turns out.
    I will get back to you about the deodorant recipe. I hope you have a lovely week.


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