Sunday, September 9, 2018

Finally production...

Finally, I'm getting some production from the garden.  Two tomatoes, peppers, and one lemon cucumber.  We tried some of the sweet corn and it was fabulous.   I have some late season rhubarb to cut up and freeze.  For some stupid reason I picked crab apples.  I have a plethora.  I will make some jelly and wine.  I may even try pickling some. 
 On the bird front I have a barn swallow and a turkey vulture.  I see the vultures regularly on the way to work.   The barn swallows nest on the school.  They make a bit of a mess, but my students always watch to see how many clutches they have.  I have been so busy with projects I haven't had time to update my bird count.  I will have to sit down and figure out where I am countwise.
 This fella has been hanging around the place all summer.  I think he is a bull snake.  As long as he eats mice I am happy.  I've seen him in the greenhouse, compost pile, and under the water tank. 
 My flowers are recovering from the deer decimation.  I have a few late summer blooms and the smell of phlox is divine.  

The rose garden is making a comeback.  These flowers are in the butterfly garden.  I should call it the butterfly and bee garden.  The bees love it. Does anyone know what kind of flower is below?  I've never seen it before.

 I need to get back to straining my crab apples.  I enjoyed this weekend immensely.  It seems like late summer is taking its time.  To everything there is a season and I'm fine with that.  As long as there is actually a season.   Does anyone have any ideas for those crab apples?  I don't know why I picked so many.  Don't worry the birds will still have plenty.  Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


  1. Crab apples always seem to produce well, don't they? I'm amazed you have rhubarb now. I've never heard of a late variety. -Jenn

  2. I'm glad you're finally getting some harvest, and that your flowers are making a comeback! While ours our withering up from the heat and humidity (or drowning this summer) yours are beautiful! :) I don't have an answer for what kind of flower that is, but it's pretty!

  3. many use the crabs in jellies to thicken them, not sure how much and hate a rubber jelly.Lovely blooms and should mail you some tomatoes. LOL Fried some the other night

  4. How nice your flowers are doing so well. Mine haven't done anything but die this summer. I have some eggplant and some bell peppers. My tomatoes just died, that has never happened before. I blame the smoke,
    How nice to have crab apples like that. I wish I remembered how, but my mom would cook them someway and she just used the pectin from them in her other jellies. I always wish I had watched her more and listened better. Her jam was always perfect. I wonder is I could find it online.
    Have a lovely week.

  5. HI Bonnie! Your flowers are pretty and the rhubarb looks delish!


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