Sunday, September 2, 2018

Half a post....

Do you see him?  Way at the top of the tree?  It is a blue heron.  I see him almost every day going to and from work.  I have been trying to get a photo of him all year for my bird list and he seems to know when I have my camera.  I was running at noon and saw him.  The chase was on.  A group of my students went by and they thought I had lost it and was wandering aimlessly in the woods, with my phone out, looking at the sky.  It isn't the best picture, but by golly it is a picture.

 It was a busy weekend.  The painters came to caulk and stain the cabin.  While things were getting spiffed up, I decided to get some linseed oil and oil the wicker sled.  You can certainly tell the poor sled was seriously dry.  The linseed oil sure did the trick.

 I didn't stop at the sleigh.  The front door was next. 

Hopefully, you can see the difference.  I never liked the original color.  It was supposed to be maroon, but looked purple.  Can you see the difference?  I had every intention of showing a before and after photo as well as some photos of the freshly stained porch.  Unfortunatly, I have lost my camera and only half the pictures I took with my phone downloaded.  Maybe next week I can post a full post complete with before and after photos.

I got the camera to work. Here are a few more photos.

I hope you are having better luck with your memory and technology.  Maybe tomorrow I can add a finished photo.  Did you have an weekend projects?


  1. I can see the difference. As for weekend projects - every day is a weekend for us!
    We have grey herons but not blue ones. In fact they have been known to descend on our garden and try to steal fish from our pond.

  2. The blue heron picked the perfect spot for a portrait! :) I think the Linseed oil really did make a huge difference!

  3. Hate it whyen i push the wrong button and poof they are gone. hope all looks nice

  4. That's a cool pic of the heron! We've had two and sometimes three near our house. Kinda cool to see them so close and every day. The linseed oil sure does a good job. And the painted door looks good too.

  5. I'm with Sue above - no difference between week and weekend days. Holidays feel almost that way too now except that more of a chance to see loved ones.

  6. It looks so nice and clean. I think it looks so nice. Great job on getting that picture. I am always walking around like that. Right now I am on the path of a raccoon.
    We are getting things ready for fall too.
    I hope you get your camera stuff all worked out. Have a nice week.


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