Sunday, November 18, 2018

Peace and quiet...

I am still deer hunting.  So far I have seen gaggles of geese, flocks of ducks, a bald eagle, two little beavers working on a lodge, a three legged buck, and a buck that had a huge wad of baling twine tangled in his antlers.  I probably should have taken the baling twine buck.  By the time I realized what the green gob that was coming towards me was and that it was attached to a buck it was too late.  Despite a few cold mornings I wouldn't trade a day watching nature with anything.  My job is a constant stream of emergencies and dealing with people.  It is such a blessing to just sit quietly and just watch the world go by.  Sometimes I just need some peace and quiet.

 Meanwhile on the the home front, the turkeys are hanging out around the house.  This old gal decided to spend most of the day sitting in a tree.  

I am forever in awe of the colors nature can provide.  I took the photos below from our deck.  Could we be luckier?   I was happy the camera captured the colors as well as it did.   

There isn't much else going on in our little corner of the woods.  I still have a few more days of hunting.  Maybe I'll get something and maybe I won't.  I will still have some great memories and tales to tell.  Also I will be refreshed from a little peace and quiet.   Where do you find your peace?


  1. A 3 legged buck? Hope it makes it through winter. Good luck! And enjoy! I hear ya about peace and quiet.

  2. You sure do have wonderful nature encounters in your neck of the woods...and you're so good at capturing them in amazing pictures!! Thanks for sharing them with us! I'm not sure where to say I find my peace...maybe it's with being around people! We spend a lot of time here on the farm, seeing the milkman, the vet, the breeder, etc, that sometimes I just feel starved for time with friends! It's interesting how it's so different for each of us. :)

  3. It can be very peaceful on out allotment plot - it depends who else is there. One particular individual is a human tannoy with language as unpleasant as he is.

  4. I have been posting a few bucks thinking of you always.Just a tease when shooting with a camera for a hunter.Our snow is fading away with above freezing temps all week. A bit easier sitting in a stand.I went trout fishing for a bit yesterday and saw some real nice bucks, will post later this week.A friend invited me over for fresh steaks from one of 3 they have harvested.

  5. I think its just beautiful! What a lovely time to be outside. I just love looking at it all. Like you, watching and listening to nature and watching the birds fly.


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